Woodturning – Copper pipe and Aluminum Powder

Woodturning – In this video I use copper pipe and combine it with aluminum powder and Designer Epoxy to make this awesome inlay! Please like and share with …


  1. The aluminium in epoxy looked more like enamel, than metal, until you showed the close up at the very end. But the blue-grey colour against the copper rings looked really classy

  2. Great piece Jim – the aluminium might be a shade too dark with the amount you put in but it’s trial and error. I thought the combination was good and the resin looked solid and all together really nice.

  3. I like the look of it – on the close-up you can see it’s aluminium (I’m a Brit!) powder, and it looks really good, subtly metal-ish and contrasts well with the beautiful black walnut. Thanks again for a great video; every one teaches me something I can use when I’m on my lathe. Bon weekend Hugh

  4. Well, I have to say that your learning progress continually amazes me! I knew that once you combined resins with the inlays you were doing before, you would create some awesome pieces. And this one proves that!!

  5. Honestly I dont think the aluminum powder is the way to go. Turned out too dark in my opinion. I wonder if a silvery mica powder would have given the look you were looking for. Regardless your tool work is great and the bowl is lovely to look at. I love the walnut look. Unfortunately, not common around me.

  6. Really like the copper pipe inlays. This one is nice but the muscle shell one is just absolutely stunning and my favorite bowl I've seen you do! As always, thank you so much Jim for sharing what you do!

  7. Too many questions but I gotta ask …
    Can you give some more detail about the pitting after the rim was knocked back ? Ever consider a magnet to deal with steel wool shards ? Do you use a tack rag ?
    I guess you'll have to settle for glitter people use in their resin rather than the lackluster aluminum. Thanks for sharing🙏 Stay safe. -Mike😷💉

  8. Very good-looking trim. What looks really good in epoxy is metal flakes of aluminum, copper, brass, combined with various types of stone etc. The epoxy binds the whole works together as a structural bond. Something you are going to run into with epoxy is that oily woods bleed colour and make a messy looking finish which can be avoided by letting the epoxy soak the separate components then assembling them. Ready-made exotic stone sheets can be purchased but they are expensive.

  9. I think it looks great!!!! I wonder if you might make something similar only using a pearl mix in with the aluminum powder? Just a thought. Great Channel. Thanks for sharing your creations.

  10. Lovely piece of wood but I'm not so sure about the aluminium epoxy. Doesn't really do much for me but each to their own which is what it is all about.
    Take care Jim.

  11. Beautiful end piece Jim! I've seen model toy restorers mix Cyan Acrylic (super glue) with different powders to create missing pieces….the result or purpose is nothing more than making the glue into a solid (physically and metaphorically) looking piece. In other words, powders don't seem to stand out on their own merits. Best wishes and be well…..eh?

  12. It's definitely an interesting bowl. I can't say that it looks like aluminum but I'm not sure what it looks like more… concrete I think would be my best guess. It still a cool-looking bowl. 💜

  13. The bowl looks great! In the end, the contrast between the copper and the aluminum powder came out well. But please be careful when handling aluminum powder in the future. The powder is extremely toxic if inhaled. Also the sanding dust. Please be sure to wear a respirator mask when working with aluminum powder.

  14. Nice job, Jim. A little surprised the aluminum didn't take on more of a shine or maybe it is just the camera??? Crushed turquoise powder would look great with the copper and walnut.

  15. The walnut is so beautiful. I like the copper as well. The aluminum does resemble concrete, which is pretty popular right now in modern architecture and decorating style.

  16. Like the looks Jim, turned out nice! You get great finishes, steel wool has some challenges for sure. Stay safe up there and glad you got to open the door! Here soon I hope?

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