why i'm hesitant to invest in psychedelic stocks (Compass, MindMed, etc)

In this video I go over why I’m hesitant to invest in psychedelic/shroom stocks such as for profit psychedelic companies like Compass Pathways ($CMPS) and …


  1. I appreciate your thoughtful insight on this. Definitely a complicated thing to invest in, especially when the very notion of money seems illogical whilst partaking. My understanding is that the ultimate goal is to approach it in the same way as cannabis (legitimize medicinally first >> legalization). Maria Sabina's story is interesting. The appropriation of the mushroom ritual ended up ruining her practice and relationship with her community. I'm sure there is a relevant message in there somewhere…

  2. Ooph. Many great points. As a seriously well intending holder of MMED among other psychedelic stocks, I would love to just rest on the good-intentions hype of it all. Alas, one has to keep an open mind. I appreciate the perspective, thanks.

  3. 00:00​ why i was tempted to invest in psych stocks
    01:59​ why psychedelic stocks may seem like a great thing
    02:46​ how i first heard of the psychedelic corporate space
    03:29​ horizons conference panel on economic models for the expansion of psychedelics
    04:00​ issue #1: not a lot of BIPOC representation in psychedelic trials
    05:20​ for profit vs non profit meaning
    05:53​ issue #2: patents conflict with open science
    09:29​ issue #3: rapid scaling leading to a decline in therapy quality
    10:47​ issue #4: not everyone can afford psychedelic therapy
    12:17​ issue #5: decriminalization conflicts with for profit motives
    15:26​ issue #6: do for profits actually want you to be fully healed
    16:26​ closing thoughts

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