What is CBD OIL, and how can it help you?

DJ, pharmacist at Hill Country Apothecary, shares the latest information on cannabidiol, or CBD oil. Studies have shown CBD to possess the following medical …


  1. Looking into CBD oil for my RA pain, not so much for the inflammation. I am experiencing a lot of pain and pain meds really only makes the pain tolerable. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

  2. my friend has very bad chrohns disease and is looking to start cbd oil for the 1st time but has NO idea what dose to start altho cbd is legal in uk no doctors have any idea and its very hard to get the correct dosage

  3. i have been wanting to order this before my next treatment of chemo cause the side effects can be very painful, but when i went on the site to order the classic hemp well there were a lot to choose from so how do i know what one is right for me, Im having painful pains in my bones, muscles and joints. I am taking all natural meds as well but its not helping, its bones the pain is just unbearable, If you can help me please email me at spyder1967@yahoo.com. Im heading to cancer of america on friday for my next chemo. thank you for your time, take care!

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