What Hygiene Was Like During the Black Plague

What was hygiene like during the Black Death? In the 14th century, the bubonic plague swept through Europe, wiping out as many as 50 million people – or …


  1. Queen Betty 1-stroke . . . "We have a bath once a month whether we need it or not."
    Streets were guttered to the centre so that excreta of all types and rain, would theoretically flow to a cess pit or a river. The least particular person these days would have seemed a paragon of cleanliness back in the day and treated with suspicion.

  2. You used the wrong type of lime. Limestone is heated in furnaces to make quicklime. Quicklime is calcium carbonate. It's caustic and can react violently to water.

  3. Which European countries had the worst hygiene and which ones had better one’s? I don’t know much about Europe, but I imagine different countries had vastly different practices.
    Whenever I hear about how dirty old Europe was I assume they’re mostly talking about England/France, but maybe that’s a rude assumption

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