What Grow Tent & Gear To Buy To Grow The Best Cannabis In Your Home(Lighting/Environment/Genetics)

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  1. Guru, The ac infinity controller is not perfect and has its learning curve to get set up properly. I personally turned off the low temp and humidity triggers to keep the fans off throughout the day. I have the high temp and humidity triggers set to go on once the temp and humidity hit the preset numbers, the fans ramp up to the desired speed set at the first set up page on mine its set to 3. I have 6 inch fans for my 2x4x7.7.

  2. I do not see the benefits of air pruning. I would think a monster root can take in more nutes than a smaller air-pruned one. Are we 100% air pruned is the way to go?

  3. if you do go with the T4, be sure you spring for the upgraded controller as well. It ships with a decent controller, but AC Infinity makes a better controller with a Wifi-connected app.

  4. Do you need magnesium when using doctor Earth organic top Using their fertiliser or big Bloom dressing im new to this need some kind of help thank you Because I want to go organic Top dressing

  5. House Unit helps GURU but its also lots of maintenance, but worth it for plants and our health. Awww man its so funny we all take advice from the DUDES, but they are all just getting into Tent growing…. lol LOVE IT

  6. Guru was mentioning going with a 4” AC Infinity fan for quietness. I suggest you just go straight to a 6”, they are pretty much silent if set right, and if you are upgrading your grow size in the future then you are already covered. I run my 6 in a 2×4 tent, set to run as high as 4 out of 10 fan speed and all I can hear is my little oscillating fans sealed inside the tent.
    I also believe that using a 6” that it has to work a lot less. The beauty of AC infinity is they slowly ramp up to your max set speed. (Unless extreme high heat humidity) meaning if it’s a little humid, it will barely come on ramping up then down slowly based on the conditions. I can’t speak highly enough about this company.
    Cheers 🇨🇦

  7. Regarding guru’s comment about best set up for ac infinity… they didn’t set their fans up to be used the best but there is still a way. Set your low end range’s (temp/rh) as your low end in auto mode. Turn low end off in auto mode. Set your high end of range’s as actual high end in alarm mode. Turn low end off in alarm mode for both temp and rh, just like auto mode. Choose an ambient fan speed that keeps you in your vpd. Now the only time your fan shuts off is if temp/rh are below low end parameters. If either goes above high end of range fan alarm goes off and jumps up to x10 speed until temp/rh fall back parameters. IMO, this is absolute best way to set up fan and have it keep you in vpd 98% of the time.

  8. Id go with the 6 inch AC infinity fan. The 4 at max speed is still louder than expected. I run the 4s in a 3×3 and 2.2.5 and wish I got the 6 for my 3×3. I know it seems like overkill, but a 6 would have been more efficient and quieter at lower speeds.

  9. Guru – ill Talk on my cloudline use.
    I use a t6 in a 4×4 and a t6 in a 5×5

    4×4 on 5speed you cannot hear outside the tent and still sucks walls in. If I duct a 20ft run to a 2.3×2.3 on setting 9 I have slow suction in the 2nd tent. Noticeable noise inside the 5×10 tent room, but once door is shut you can't hear it outside that room ( drywall only no insulation)

    The 5×5 I use on main setting 7-8 to suck the walls.

    2. be mindful if setting a low parameter. Example
    Rh 70high 59low
    You hit 71 it kicks on untill it sucks down to 69.
    BUT! You hit 58… well she keeps on runnin and runnin and runnin and runnin..oh 53? That's still not good. Running and runnin

    Whatever your main on speed is set too. That's what it speeds up to in parameter mode.
    (I use original T controllers not 67)

  10. I always hear you guys dogging on Amazon tents, but I have a 5×5 Zazzy that has far exceeded my expectations. The zippers are stout and the material is thick with an all metal frame. I'm sure there are duds, but for $99, it can't be beat.

  11. @ guru VA represent! I've got my ac infinity fan set up to exhaust when my humidity reaches 73% and my humidifier hooked up to an inkbird controller set to the same setting. The humidifier shuts off first, then the cloudline exhaust the room to around 70%. Fresh air every 5-10 mins and saving distilled water by not having my humidifier running all the time.

  12. im building a room within my garage that is insulated with a/c outside room ducted in and a constant intake and outtake of fresh air.. the key to it all working is insulation

  13. This episode had a lot of great beginner information and in only 30 minuets, wow one of the best ever if you ask me, im all about getting the information thoroughly and without unneeded extra stories and time wasters, so thanks.

  14. Watch the zipper likes to get caught in the flag that’s blocking the light did just would’ve made it a little thicker it wouldn’t get sucked up inside the zipper

  15. Guru: you'll need the extra controller they make and you can then set up more times schedules and parameters. The controller they send with is meh. But the upgrade is where it's at.

  16. I got my 4×4 tent setup, bought my light, then I bought my 6" exhaust fan and 6" filter. Got my exhaust up at the ceiling of 7' tall tent and hung light at 34" hight. Bought my 2 clipfans and soil/fabric pots 1,3,+7gal/starter pots. When I had everything but my sog net I germinated Gelato, BlueBerryBlast, OrangeCreamsicle, Hindu Kush, Critical Mass, Critical Cheese. First indoor grow, normally grow outdoors but I'm trying something new. I've been doing outdoor since 2003. My harvests have been increasing steadily every year. Last 3, 2018 = 1.5lbs, 2019 = 2.5lbs, 2020 = 4lbs off 3 plants +1.5lbs off a 4th plant that was infected with wpm that went in the trash. Throwing away 24oz of funky dank sucks bad so I'm moving my grow indoors where I HAVE THE CONTROL over growing environment

  17. Guru, I would suggest using the Malibu earth box instead of using the radical bags. Must better results. And using probiotics helps out alot with secondary metabolites. They retain water for longer. They might smell for a week or so tho. hahaha Just light a joint to cover that smell. Cheers from the East Coast

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