What 10 Years of Data on LEGALIZED Weed Shows Us?

What 10 Years of Data on LEGALIZED Weed Shows Us? 10 Years (Almost a Decade) of Data After a U.S State LEGALIZED Weed? What Researchers Found.


  1. What we have is what we’ve had for many decades. The sky hasn’t fallen. 80% of marijuana sold in California is from the black market because of federal prohibition. They can’t sell as cheap because of taxes.

  2. I AM part of the AARP crowd and the ONLY reason I had to smoke less is because I had a job that tested you five ways to Sunday even though I would NEVER dreamed of getting high at work. Now I am retired so I don't have to listen to the government telling me I can get drunk but I can not get stoned.
    I got to tell you living in a legal state sure has made my retirement more enjoyable. For all you detractors for the most part I only smoke in the evenings as I am winding down frim my daytime activities.

  3. All valid points. They just trying to make it look bad when in reality since its basically a new business compared to others so theres really not enough data to bash weed.

  4. $ 250 an ounce is crazy i remember when it was only $ 10 an ounce ok im old 64 years old. i have been a cannabis advocate since i was 18 i worked for Jack Herer; for allot of years been arrested twice now. one for growing 6 plants i spent 4 years in prison. that was were i got to know Jack Herer.

  5. I see $60 a qt
    $100 half
    $180 oz
    Street prices up in wisconsin
    Texas $100 oz but it’s dirt
    The illegal market will never go away. People will always go to a cheaper taxed state to buy bud. Just like cigarettes. But, legalizing will reduce incarcerations dramatically for the little guy.

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