We're NOT Growing Weed, Mom.

We’ve been accused of growing the most controversial plant on the planet, at least 100 times & counting: between in-person encounters here on the farm, in our …


  1. The people stealing that hibiscus are in for a treat when they come to south east asia. You can find like 10 different cannabis look-alike plants growing on someone's frontyard with a chance of finding the real one in one of them.

    Just kidding. You don't have to go to someone's frontyard. Just find some place with dirt really. They grow like weeds lol

  2. Another good video, Pete. I have run into this too with cassava. Please do follow up with a video about what is happening with cannabis and hemp growing here in Florida. Things are changing fast.

  3. My Wife loves her cleome (aka spider flowers) in her garden. Every year we have people ask if it is cannabis. Next door has their Japanese Maple (acer palmatum) They get the same questions. Looking forward to your video on the Florida MMJ work being done.

  4. This is crazy , about 10 yrs ago my mother and her husband was grow yucca and a lot of it he was from the island, the police saw it from the express way and one day the swatteam came with machine guns and had my mom and her husband at gun point until one of the offeriers saw that it was yucca and they left .

  5. dude, I live in texas ( a non-legal state for cannabis) and I know the difference between these plants very well. I didnt even have to take any botany classes. If youre accusing this man of growing cannabis all day then you should reevaluate your life man, you don't have a life if you pick on people because youre all too sensitive to your own emotions. Now that ive cooled down im gonna sit back and enjoy this man's content exactly how he wants me to.

  6. I am currently preparing to work with a very cool strain of cannabis bred for stealth, called frisian duck. The leafs are webbed like a ducks foot, giving it an odd appearance. I would like to begin using it to develop a better cannabis strain, purely meant to be grow in places it is still illegal.

  7. You forgot cleome! I know it's not a tree, but it looks almost identical to cannabis, has the serrated leaves and even the aroma of cannabis! I had a police man question what it was when it was growing up by my mail box🤣💚

  8. I had a roselle that a neighbor thought was cannabis. Or maybe it was the acetosella that was growing next to it. Is there a cannabis with beautiful red leaves? Anyway, they're all hibiscuses.

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