1. This is an awesome documentary. Hope all my friends or people I know that smoke, or know people who smoke will see this, and it will help start them on their journey to quit smoking. Also hope it will give them the knowledge for those people who are in a position to help their loved ones quit as well, and make an informed decision. Thank you

  2. "We don't have proof!" Where do people get this idea from? Who told them that we don't know and it's not proven?

    I don't know of any other product that has been studied so extensively in such a relatively short period of time (15 years), has undergone so much rigorous testing and to standards that no other consumer product has to meet. The requirements placed on vapor products by state authorities are many times higher than is rquired for other products.

    Precisely because of the numerous lies that have been deliberately spread among the public, credible scientists are very concerned about objectivity and special emphasis is placed on designing studies and interpreting results particularly careful. These are respected and often highly decorated scientists who have a reputation to lose…

    (E) VALI: it wasn't "seen" as a "vaping story", it was sold to the public as such. Why did no one question that almost exclusively US teens, age 17 to 23 years, fell ill with the "mysterious" lung injuries? In all countries where vaping isn't banned, former smokers switched and the average age of vapers is 44 years. How is it possible that media and public swallowed the lie the CDC fed them, despite it being so obvious?

    Thank you for clarifying what vaping is and what vapor products can do for smokers who want to quit, but haven't been able yet.

    (BTW, I would trust tobacco industry funded Derek Yach much more than Michael Bloomberg funded organizations. He's an unscrupulous fanatic who has made the experience that money can buy everything. Politicians, court desicions, legislation, public health, even the WHO. Therefore, he imposes his will with bribes and kickbacks, pays for media smear campaigns and influences policies. He calls himself a "philanthropist", but couldn't care less about the 7 million preventable deaths from smoking every year. To me, he is one of the most despicable, vicious and corrupt men of our time.)

  3. Very well done thank you for this! I smoked for 24 yrs, stopped the day I got my 1st vaping device 7 yrs ago. America has killed the legal vaping market thanks to all of the fake issues that were covered in this…UK and other countries, make sure Bloomberg and the who dont kill vaping in your country as well…STAND UP AND FIGHT for your RIGHT to vape and have a less harmful alternative!!!

  4. Yet the US government is infringing more and more on our right to use vaping as an alternative to tobacco. And the Democrats are the worst about it.

  5. I'm so tired of hearing "we don't know the long-term effects of vaping." We know the long-term effects of smoking, but we can still buy cigarettes with no resistance. So if by some minuscule chance it turns out that the long-term effects of vaping are just as bad or even worse than smoking, I fully expect to see it on all the store shelves, right next to the cigarettes.

  6. Very well done video and very imformative, I live in the US and all we hear is negative after negative stories and the ones that are positive get barely any attention and it's sad to see something that has helped millions of smokers quit worldwide get demonized the way that vaping has.

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