Vape Mail Ban Impact on the Cannabis Industry – Hash it Out with Shauntel Ludwig of DaVinci

Ep. 62 – Vape Mail Ban Impact on the Cannabis Industry In this episode recorded on 03/04/2021, RJ Balde talked to Shauntel Ludwig, VP of Operations for the …


  1. And what about us ex smokers who use nicotine vapes to get healthier? I guess once a smoker always a smoker and we should just accept our fate and die. We don't deserve an effective smoking cessation product.

  2. truth is vapes cure and prevent cancer. The politicians get paid by big pharma, they directly benefit from this.

    I use an old school glass on glass dry herb vape. Ain't no tobacco involved? Strictly herb, I have various issues and the herb is the only thing that helps.

    This is sad to see vapes banned in america I don't understand

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