Vape Innovators – Perfect Stache CBD

Vape Innovator, Steve from Perfect Stache CBD Infused E-liquid sheds some light on the shady cloud stigma of CBD in the Vape Industry.


  1. I bought a 30 ml bottle of the 50mg cbd and have been vaping it for 2 weeks now. At first it relaxed me & reduced anxiety. After the first week, I have had to vape more to reduce anxiety & relax. I do think your product works, just have to vape more for desired effect. Good product!

  2. nice video-cannot find this product in uk love trying different ones .any know when this will hit uk ? I currently use cbdfx .its the best out there 🙂 for cbd vape additive .

  3. I work at a vape store in Webster Mass, I received a bottle of 350mg cbd from Perfect Stache and I was just many drops of this liquid should I use in my kanger sub tank nano? I'd really like to try it but just don't know what the ratio should be

  4. Look at it like this. indica vs sativa…. Indy is high CBD, Sativa is High THC. So think of what THC does from that knowledge. Take that away from the effect of Indy. And there you go. =) It is relaxing.

  5. I recently got diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and I've been living with depression my whole life also my father is suffering from MS since 20 years back.. I really wish to try this out myself and on my dad but because I now live in Sweden there's probably no way for that to happen any time soon 🙁

  6. This is by far the best CBD vape on the market. I buy the 30 ML 150 MG bottle for around 75 bucks. Well worth the price. One bottle goes a long way. I was in an accident at work 3 years ago and have constant pain in my spine. It relieves the pain and I don't have to take narcotic pain killers as often anymore

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