Under $1 Penny Stock I JUST BOUGHT – 1000% GROWTH Potential🔥🔥🔥 – Watch ASAP Before Its Too LATE

In this video I am going to be talking about a penny stock under $1 I just bought that has a 1000% growth potential in my opinion! the best PENNY STOCK To …


  1. I recently just started investing in bitcoin when I learnt it was $60000 through the help of Luiz and just an hour ago I got a profit of $9000 into my wallet

  2. $AZFL $VSYM are both from colombia with huge potential and growth rate, Mexico is pending on legalizing weed and will find out by the end of April. When mexico goes green and both these companies will dominate the cannabis industries as we know it 🔥

  3. I feel everyone sleeping on BIO.B
    the unknown diamond in the rough. I would be smitten if you did a simple yet thoughtful review of it. Its positioned to jump $100 per share in a week. View the charts. Read their news. You tell me.

  4. I don't get how there guys do it… Trading the stock market has been a headache for me since I got into it, I placed trades with the help of articles I see online and It's resulted in losses I don't get what I'm doing wrong… Could you explain how you've been making money

  5. Tesla also said it will start accepting payment in bitcoin in exchange for it's product "subject to applicable laws and initially in a limited basis" . That would make Tesla the major automaker to do so. The $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin will give Tesla liquidity in the cryptocurrency once it starts accepting it for payments.
    Tesla's move into bitcoin represents an investment of a significant percentage of its cash in the Investment. The company had more than $19 billion in cash and cash equivalents on hand at the end of 2020 , according to it's most recent filing.

    The moves raises questions around CEO Elon musk's recent behavior on Twitter where he has been credited for increasing the prices of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Dodgecoins by posting positive messages that have been encouraged more people to buy the digital currencies.
    Two weeks ago, the billionaire Telsa owned added the hashtag #bitcoin to his Twitter bio, a move that helped to briefly push up the price of the cryptocurrency by as much as 20% . Two days later , he said on the social medial chat site Clubhouse : " I do at this point think bitcoin is a good thing , and I am a supporter of bitcoin. "
    Bitcoin prices surged to new highs Monday following Telsa's announcement , reaching a price of at least $60,000. Tesla shares were up more than 2% Monday morning. in its SEC filing , Tesla warned Investors of the volatility of bitcoin's price.
    Musk has gotten into trouble for his market moving tweets in the past , but it's unclear how that applies to his tweets about cryptocurrencies .
    Most notably , the SEC charged Musk with fraud in 2018 for his tweets about taking a company private at $420 per share .
    Musk ultimately settled with the SEC, and was forced to give up his role as chairman of the company's board and pay a $20 million fine on top of $20 million fine for the company first.
    Tesla has made about $1 billion in profit on Bitcoin Investment , analyst estimates. I was told by Elon Musk that it'll be wise for everyone to start up a digital lifestyle.
    I'm really benefiting from this digital
    currency making extra cash on the digital basis….for those that have no idea about digital currency I advice you to text @Expert Arthur Rafael Aybar on watapp +🇺🇲1🇺🇲 2🇺🇲 5🇺🇲 1 3 🇺🇲1🇺🇲 3 🇺🇲3 🇺🇲5 🇺🇲3 🇺🇲8 with his help I'm able to understand everything I know to know about trading in cryptocurrency ( Rafeal signals has yielded a great success so far for me during my first month of trading I was able to grow my portfolio from 1.2 BTC to total of 6.88 BTC which you will say is a very good profits)…✓

  6. Also worth noting, on the Board of Advisors are Dr. Gabor Mate who is one of the foremost experts on using psychedelics to treat addiction and Dennis McKenna, brother of Terrence and great luminary of psychedelics in society.

  7. I want you to suggest me a great pennystock with great potentiel i am willing to hold a good stock with patience , since i will be trimming some of my gains , i need a stock like ZOM or better.

  8. Quick note: If Elon musk is holding, it will probably go up… technical analysis does not matter when the world's richest man is pumping into crypto so hard! we have only just started since Elon Musk is fueling the 🚀 rocket for take off, let's put a Shiba on the moon!!! As hard as trading Crypto is, it's sure way more lucrative trading with professionals like Scott and is quite logical if you learn and pay attention to what's going on, I'm not a pro broker but I was lucky enough to make 8BTC since last year following the instructions and signals from professionals like Scott Bryan, He runs program for wealthy Elites to how trading Bitcoin works, helping them utilize the volality of the Crypto market trade and staking up more Bitcoin. you can easily get him on WhatsApp @ +1(856) 942-9203

  9. Numinus wellness has A LOT going for them and they are going to be a leader in the psychedelic market. I am SHOCKED with how much they have going for them how cheap their stock is. After their new bought deal and their stock dropping i increased my position lower then my original entry point which was 1.10 and got it on sale at .92. Stoked! Going to keep increasing my position once i get my mmedf position where i want it 2 be

  10. Don't trade anything with "F" at end of a ticker symbol. They'll charge you $50 for processing the trade. That's is what Fidelity charged me. When you decide to sell it they will charge you another $50. That's a total loss of $100… Learn from my mistake. Well, if you trade with Fidelity.

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