U.S. Cannabis Sales Hit $17.5 Billion In 2020 | Forbes

The coronavirus was good for some industries and ruinous for others. For cannabis, 2020 was a breakout year. Legal sales across the U.S.—14 states allow …


  1. I dont use. But if this helps people mello the FK out after this pandemic bs. I'd be fine with it tbh. Anything to make people use natural stuff vs people going to a doc for some synthetic anti depressants.

  2. Yet taxes that was supposed to go towards such things as education; yet teachers union is bankrupt and as government is holding americans hostage till they set themselves up for riches and prosperity paid in full till 2028???

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  4. So strange. Very strange resolve. All this, whilst many others, that started before these lot, are still sitting, rotting in prison.
    What odd people.

  5. We’re is my money ? Let me guess all white boys making money off black pain and the real drug dealers who went too jail for weed let them out to work them stores sneaking white men watch them close

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