Treating CRPS with Cannabis – One of the World's Most Painful Conditions

Rebecca Sewell was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome when she was 10, after a magic trick gone wrong. Since then, she has had to stay in the …


  1. Here's the truth.. nothing is a perfect fix.. man I use so much THC and honestly thank God for opioids too but I'd love to see it legal everywhere because you need to be able to grow it if you need it I spend so much money to try to get out of pain with THC haha and glad she found her husband

  2. I am desperate for treatment that works.?im prescribed gabapentin and zanaflex they work when my pain is a 6 but not when it’s an 8. I recently tried Cbd oil I put it on my hand and under my tongue it helped super fast I was sooo impressed…, I can relate to your story you are sooo strong!!!! I i also have IC, urinary retention, ins, hypertension, CRPS, and chronic headaches

  3. I have CRPS but everyone gets affected differently although the pain is #1 commonality I could take like any drug + Cannabis and up until Ketamine I'd never felt pain relief so good but it doesn't give me remission. Legal Cannabis Once it's cheaper will be the Best it does alot

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