Topping Chillies v FIMming Chillies #MFGChilliChallenge

Topping Chillies v Fimming Chillies, Is it better to top chilli plants or to FIM chilli plants (or as i like to call it pinch out chillies). We love growing chillies and have …


  1. Thanks for watching do chek out how we germinate chillies, don't forget to hit the like and subscribe for regular updates

    Here's the link to the Growight – Mars hydro SP150 –
    Seedling Heat mat with thermostat –

    Hot Pepper – Hungarian Hot Wax –

    Chilli Pepper – Trinidad MORUGA Scorpion –

    Hot Pepper – Dorset Naga –

    HOT Chilli Pepper – Habanero Orange –

    HOT Chilli Pepper – Orange Cayenne –

  2. Very informative videos.
    Can you please make video on which soil to put in pots for growing roses and vegetables. Is it same or different soil?
    Another serious question is how to get rid of slugs and snails and roly poly ( beettle like ) mini beasts from my garden. They are eating all my plants in one night .
    Plz help me.

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  4. Not just good gardeners but also great parents! Your kids always look happy, usually do what you ask them to, and never act weird in front of the camera – so rare to see these days. Respect to you both!

  5. Remember me when I was young. Clean up the house before she came home .once I did rebuild a engine and put the bearings in the freezer, she asking why so I told her they have to shrink a little ok she said .rhen at the point to install them I found out the don't fit so I give her some cash to go and shop once left I put the engine in the oven the whole house smelled after burned motor oil . Both things went well before she came home lucky me. BTW I did got some seeds send but they hold them at customs . Seeds seem to be separate listed as not allowed

  6. Great video as always. I’ve lessee up the labelling on my chillies as well. Luckily they’re 3 different coloured varieties so should be able to tell what’s what once they fruit 😄

  7. Last week I topped off my bird’s eye chillis and my jalapeño. I learnt this from my mother who used to top off her okra, all peppers and chillis, tomatoes and egg plants. On a small piece of land, a few plants would produce so much more. You really do not want to mislabel your Trinidad Moruga scorpion! No! No! No!

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