TIKKUN HaBRIT (The Movie That Will Shake The KIRUV World)



  1. i've found that women are bigger advocates for sheitls than guys.

    i've argued about it with a few of them and they all say "Halacha doesnt say anything about modesty. it just says to cover your hair."

    so basically, they all wanna look hot. for who…other men?

    i personally prefer a girl wearing a mitpachat.

  2. Rabbi, how your wife can come 2nd girlfriend if you talk to her too much? Where is Shichinat El in this video? YES, I am against abortion and killing life, but HOW this demonic video shall increase Shichinat El? Rabbi, is your wife happy with you? Do you treat her like a queen? Please, all people: check rabbi Alon Anava's videos! He has Schinat El, when he teaches Torah ✡️ אסתר

  3. Powerful powerful powerful! Keep em coming please this is perfect for the next generation who needs visualization to understand what our true reason for being in this world means.

  4. I really can’t wrap my mind around this level of fear-mongering.
    Spiritual development does require discipline over the bodies urges; the animal impulse, or evil inclination.
    Yet however, HaShem designed the world so that we Will succeed.
    It is our attraction to HaShem that elevates our consciousness. Not the baseless fears arising from bodily obsessions.
    HaShem’s Laws make sense.
    And really there is only One law.
    Love HaShem the Lord your G-d with all your strength.
    Fear is an animal impulse.

  5. Shalom 🙏 just watched this on the app. Award winning production. This film needs to be in every junior high school, every church that will accept truth and on any platform that will show it and that includes the big motion picture movie theaters. You guys have done a mighty and great thing here. Toda raba 🙏 shalom 🙏

  6. Thankyou so much! A needed much movie ! I shared it on my Facebook so my brothers and watch! It scared me to the core and I hope and pray the world is watching so they can all stop and do Teshua!! This movie was a huge turn around for my son! Thankyou so much! An answer to my prayers!

  7. Wonderful BZH , émet haï shaker Lo haï if it’s possible to translate this video in French then I will share it bli neder and French community and Africa ?? Toda Raba 🙏🏿

  8. Rabbi Yaron Reuven, thanks a lot for who you are and what you are doing, you are a light of Hachem in my life, i can see and take the right way.
    Thanks you so much may Hachem keep for you a special place in heaven.
    Julien Hertzog from France 🙂

  9. Amen! I use to follow Christianity. When I was a Christian I did stop wasting seed. Bc I had fear of G-d. I knew it was wrong. But in Christianity they don’t talk about wasting seed. I came to find out about this in Judaism. Especially Rabbi Yaron and Alon’s teachings. I didn’t know what this could do to mankind. B”H i came to know about this. HaShem allowed me to break that addiction of wasting seed. I’m still having weird thoughts and dreams. But I fight it. I still need help and direction bc I’m not Jewish. I just want to know what can I continue doing. I’m guarding my eyes as best that I can. What else can I do? As a gentile.

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