1. While I don't have a soil PH meter yet. What is your opinion in testing the run off PH and EC in a drain to waste system? Also would PH difference in different areas of the same pot imply a buildup of salts from not watering the whole pot evenly but more so watering in specific places?

    Much appreciated for all your content this is really helping me be a more informed grower.

  2. This settles it, my next upload will go M into detail about the nukeheads soil ph tester, it may not sound like much but I'm very happy with the fact that I am maintaining green stalk and stem, I had only been using Amazon ph testers and by the time id hit flowering my stalks would be brownish only appearing green while watering but the nukeheads soil ph tester has everything green and I also bbn learned from cody the importance of a 6.0 during flowering, all things considered this harvest should be pretty decent.

  3. I have been searching for information on peat moss, I have a 3 cubic foot bag of peat moss and I actually mixed ot with the soil from my first grow, I have it and I plannon using it but want to do M it properly.

  4. Great info and tips brother.. I didn't know the Nuke Heads pH meter reads soil that is awesome..
    I had the same problems the last two times I used promix..
    Thanks again for all the love you sent brother 👊🏻😎💨

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