These Stocks Are On Fire 🔥🔥🔥 Do This Now!

Hello stock in investors, in this video I’m going over 4 stocks that are on fire. Every month I analyze hundreds of stocks and you want to watch this video to the …


  1. dude no offence but there is a correction with amazing deals and you are picking companies that i have never heard of at all time highs. no thank you to any of your picks

  2. It looks as if we chose the wrong moment to invest. I started several position a few days ago, with 7-10% trailing stop loss and I got kicked out form probably 2/3 of them already.

  3. I just recently found your videos and you do amazing analysis and education on that analysis. What stock screener are you using where you get all the moving averages plus MACD and PMC data all on one chart? I watched your beginner videos but didn't see it in there. Thanks!

  4. is there any way to calculate if a stock will trend sideways based on RSI? I am looking SNDL and trying to figure out if its a dud play that will continue sideways or find some traction and climb off that 20 day MA… love the channel–keep up the great work😎👍👍

  5. Jerry, wish I would of found you last year on DAC. It is my largest investment and I am up 75% YTD. The PE you show is based on TTM earnings. They have confirmed they will be at $12-$13 EPS in 2021 and 2022 may be very similar. At 7 PE, the stock should be >$80. The also own 10% of ZIM which will announce earnings on Monday and are expect to show great numbers. Very excited about this industry and DAC stock.

  6. Hey Jerry! I commented on your last video but I was just seeing your opinion on the stock AIV. I did a little of my own research and I found it may go up from 5.70-39$! Just wondering your opinion! THANKS!

  7. Hi Jerry
    I am a big fan of your work,
    Looking forward to seeing more of your valuable ideas/suggestions /advice and videos….
    Hope you well?
    Last few videos looked like you had lost weight…

  8. What sort of price target do we expect DAC to reach in the next 6 months? Is it just a case of riding the momentum with this one? Only here in the Uk, we don't get the trailing stop loss option.

  9. Fantastic video Jerry. DAC chart should be used in classes teaching investment. What a beautiful chart. Incredible! Hey, a lot of YouTubers talk about CTRM, which I believe is a 'competitor' of DAC and NMCI. Another one that YouTubers mention is ZIM. How do you feel of CTRM and ZIM compared with DAC and NMCI? if makes sense, perhaps you can make a video about this comparison (since many youtubers aren't mentioning DAC or NMCI, but do mention CTRM a lot!). About the MJ sector: a while ago you did a side-by-side comparison, perhaps you can run it again sometime soon, some new names that are highly discussed on youtube are: SNDL, HITIF, GGTTF,, SGRM , perhaps you can include them in your next side-by-side. Great video !!!

  10. Nice vid – One thing I'll add about Danaos that you didn't mention, is that they own 10.2 million shares of ZIM…The value of which went from $120M to now almost $300M (1/3 of DAC's market cap) as ZIM's stock has gone up so much. They will eventually use that capital to buy new ships or issue dividends.

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