1. We are finally studying this in my lab. Its legit, danilion has alkaline properties, and anti cancer, I'm talking in all mammals, for humans too

  2. Dr Andrew, you can rinse, and chop up the whole plant then add it to to your salad. You can eat the whole plant yourself flower, and all right out of the yard after rinsing. You can also make dandelion coffee… rinse, and cut up the root. Put in a dry pan, hold it over the fire keep shaking it until it's toasted black. Then after it's cool crumble it up, and make it like you would make your regular coffee. It's good!. Thank you for telling me about how to use it for my dog, greatly appreciate it!. That I didn't know . Blessings.❤

  3. I have a 15 year old MaltiPoo. She's on a mostly raw food diet. She's been like a two year old dog for all the time I've had her up until last summer. She blew out her knee running and when we went to the Vet they found 3 mammary gland tumors. After doing every test in the book we decided to do the surgery to remove them as there were no indications that it had spread anywhere and all her other tests showed a very healthy dog. They got clean margins after surgery. This past May, I brought her in for a check up because she seemed be slowing down. She'd passed a January check up with flying colors. In May she showed a significant heart murmur, an enlarged heart (no chf) and unfortunately a fairly large tumor in her lung. I opted NOT to do surgery or chemo. We tried IV Vitamin C therapy (three days/8 hours a day hooked up), hoping that would reduce or eliminate lung tumor. 30 day check up shows no change in first tumor, and now there is a second smaller one in same lung. She's on Vetmedin for heart issue. She's also on a LOT of supplements for immune system support and Artemisinin every other day. Is it safe to give her Dandelion and what would be the best form and dosage of administration for her? She weighs just under 11 pounds. Has a great appetite and is still running around chasing birds, squirrels and bunnies, doing somersaults in the cool grass.

  4. Hi I love your videos. My dog Jack was recently diagnosed with Mast cell stage 2 skin cancer. I was wondering what you would recommend I use for him such as sunscreen and could the dandelion tea help him? Thanks and keep up with the videos.

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