THE REAL DIET – Activating & Updating our DNA Programs/LIGHT CODES

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  1. Thankyou maria I have watched your high vibe food body and spirit videos taken notes and really I have chosen to go down the raw diet and the rainbow food that you described and I have also look in into changing what's in my kitchen,I already doing the gratitude daily and affimations plus using epsom salts and oils got along way to go,but loving my journey to 5d and above,thankyou for your guidance still working on giving up smoking but finding it really hard I dont take medications and always was drawn to natural remedies love the tip on making my own hand sanitiser and using oils for dressing up my home,no chemicals in my house now,as I used bicarb white vinegar and essential oils for cleaning reducing my plastic and goung to changing my cutlery bowls to bamboo and goung to change to clay have inspired me to make the health body mind and spirit approach love and blessings to you from the uk❤🙏

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