The Racist Origins of Marijuana: Legalization, Social Justice & Equity

As an Afro-Indigenous woman, Dr. Brandie Makeba Cross gives a powerful talk to UCLA students on the racist origins of marijuana, the impact of legalization, …


  1. In California Prop 64, unfortunately, eliminated many of Prop 215, "The Medical Marijuana Initiative's" protections including the right for patients to cultivate for themselves and their cooperatives. Intelligent and effective social equity programs are crucial for the preservation of medicinal marijuana as originally intended in the Compassion Care Act. Current Prop 64 rules and regulations in CA, like many other states, reward recreational cannabis while limiting access to affordable, lower-cost medicine for patients and hold back Black, Latino and indigenous populations (harmed most by the War on Drugs) from entering the space. Our gratitude to Warrior Goddess' like Dr. Brandi Cross for their perseverance, contribution and advocacy!

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