1. I have to quit. I keep having grand mal seizures in my sleep that turn into status epilepticus (stuck in a seizure). Ive almost died like 20+ times due to my epilepsy. I have to quit so my anti epileptic drugs can do their job and prevent the seizures.

  2. I'm 90 days free, the first 2 weeks were hard. I kept crying and was depressed. It was a mind thing. I miss it, I miss how it made me happy and carefree. Plus music wad AMAZING…..but you have so much to lose. Keep going y'all. I have dreams about it some times where I smoke in the dream and wake up guilty and so mad I relapsed…then relieved it's a dream…so i know I don't NEED it although I may want it

  3. I was getting ready to relapse and I found your channel and binge watch a lot of your vids and I want to say thankyou you. I feel more confident and hopeful.

  4. Saw this guys videos like a year or so ago, and he's still making them that's awesome, hope this guy never quits the videos, who knows if i'll quit the bud lol

  5. Bro I have been struggling with extreme depression and addiction to cannabis/ weed for a years and it’s getting ever more worse the past weeks/ months, year. I need help so badly I’m literally considering suicide and I am absolutely dissatisfied with every little thing in life and myself and I can not control myself and my mind, this drug has full power and control over me and I want to end my life I am so tired of living this way and I have lacked women and confidence and self worth my whole life I have never had a chance at any of those things not a single time and it will never come to me I am truly a piece of shit and I don’t think I should ever have existed I am pure negativity and everywhere I go and everyone I come across or even come close to instantly feels my negativity and runs away from me. I am so torn because I love week but I can not control it and or myself. I am at the lowest point ever and I don’t think any single person or thing or though could ever help me. I can’t even help myself I just want to end it but I don’t have the guts to do it. I cannot even explain or fathom my own problems and I feel like I’m non existent I can’t make decisions for myself and I can’t maintain anything I am completely unstable and uncontrollable I am emotionally explosive and I’m really losing it I’m not sane.

  6. I’m a single mom moving into her own apartment and I don’t want to be high along with my baby but I’ve been smoking for over 10 years every single day I hope you know your videos will literally drag me out of a panic attack. Thank you for these.

  7. I prefer to think of it as ‘the stoned life’ instead of ‘high life’.High on life is what I am now having been weed free for 6 months. Thanks so much George!

  8. You’re the man George! Was clean for 6 days but I relapsed over the weekend. I was smoking all weekend and felt really guilty. Just flushed all of my weed and ready to get clean again!

  9. I'm on day 4 of my journey to complete sobriety. 5 years of heavy use in Colorado. I've notice that I have had little to no dreams in the last 4 days vs the crazy weird weed dreams I had. I have crazy sweats at random hours during the day and the usual night sweats. I've found that my sweet tooth is completely gone with only natural sugar like fruit doing it for me. Best thing is I can breath in the morning. No more filled sinuses and phlegm in my lungs!

  10. I’ve been off weed for 3 months now. George’s videos and coaching have really helped me. Personally, I found it way more powerful than Marijuana Anonymous. I live in Philly and winter weather can be rough, but the other day it became sunny and relatively nice out. I was listening to some music I really like and the weed parasite made an appearance. I shrugged it off and went for a bike ride instead, but it was something I knew I needed to be aware of in the future. Just remember it’s always better to be clean while thinking about smoking than smoking while thinking about getting clean. Never forget the shackles of the herb. Stay reminded of it’s power over you.

  11. Everyone who works , quit. stick to it your not alone, I'm with ya to and watch after a year how much you've saved , not just on weed but cigs , rizzla, munchies. I'm telling ya once you start to quit and stick to it you'll save a fortune

  12. I'm sober since new year started,making a progress in mylife,just been forgot on weed for a moment, and than today I saw old friend on mine who gave me bag for free,it was the case,here bro I have something for you,I dunno why I took it because I don't have a plan to get back smoking. Just been thinkng; how weirdly is that when you wanna stay away from smoking,it finds the way to come to you.
    Love your content George,keep up good work bro 👊

  13. George can I just say that I have recently quit after 5 years of smoking everyday. After 3 days my mental withdrawals subsided and I was surprised at how quick it went but I believe it’s because I knew what to expect because of your video’s. I am still going through physical withdrawals (headaches, nightmares, night sweats) but I am happy because I know my body and brain are rewiring itself. Without your videos I probably would have relapsed and honestly feel the best I have in years. Thank you so much.

  14. I lasted 6 months sober and just gave in 2 weeks ago. Been smoking about an eighth a day after 2-3 days of relapsing. Not a good feeling when you feel like a failure

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