The Irish Potato Pancake Everyone needs | Street Food | @penguinz0

I’ve eaten so many Boxty’s filled with everything I could think of. Make them easily at home and eat them all hours of the day. Pile on the corned beef! – Get More …


  1. Here in Kentucky I've only known them as potato cakes; if fact I just now had some for breakfast with ketchup. They're quick n good, but it's best to have the potato mix chilled to shape for me cause how I was taught was to keep them thick enough to roll/pat flat like a meat patty.

  2. Feeling like making some Irish style ramen/yakisoba (w/ corned beef & cabbage or bacon & cabbage like they do in the mother land) this St Patrick’s Day! Wish me luck mates! 🍀👍🏿

  3. whats kinda neat is the corned beef isn't traditional at all in Ireland, but its far superior in almost every way to what it replaced (in my opinion) which was basically a boiled cured ham that just tastes of salt and sadness.
    The lemon sea salt looks awesome, will have to see if I can find some of that.

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