1. I think the real stupidity here lies with the people who thought they could install a neoliberal world order and then believe they can selectively ban drugs from the menu. Like Friedman said, you just need to put taxes on stuff that harms people or the environment.

  2. What is the point? Why are drugs illegal?
    The war on drugs has caused more violence and misery that it ever could have prevented.
    If people want to do drugs, why stop them? Why kill people over this? It's absolute madness.

  3. I want the cocaine to be made in a professional lab. With the proper devices and chemicals. Or the clandestine labs are going to hurt people over time; when it would, instead, be a medicine.

  4. The never ending quest of the Merica world police to stop people from getting high … our moral compass is a for-profit country that elects racist clowns to office.. nice

  5. Follow the money and you will find the CIA in the center of the mess. The War on Drugs has been a fraud! The CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF and many other local alphabet groups get tax money to fight the healthcare epidemic that was created by the CIA in the 60's. This has to end. All of the other stories are just filler. When you strip the stories down to the base facts and you will see the bloody fingers of the CIA. Everywhere they go they increase the production of cocaine and opium products for export.

  6. If US companies don’t sell the chemicals, Chinese companies will move in to fill the void. And frankly, they won’t have any qualms in selling the chemicals despite the end use.

  7. Oh no! Not a chemical used to recover agents used in cocaine production! You should make that illegal, in fact, you should make all chemicals illegal. This story is more fear-mongering than an actual story.

  8. The former president of Colombia paved the way for the guerrilla drug lords to produce massively cocaine. Now, they are senators and the others are working with Venezuela's president to flood North America with drugs.

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