1. Cannabis saved my life. I would not be here without it, I'm 15 years clean off opiates with zero help from the medical industry all thanks do cannabis. Zero pills, zero cigs, zero alcohol, zero supplents. Cannabis ALONE got me off a 15 year heroin habit.

    They want it illegal because of big pharma and they are getting their pockets lined with printed fiat just to do it

  2. Appreciate you guys man, In this fight for the plant that we all know and love, we need people like you respectable gentlemen to push the fight to congress doorstep. Cannabis is a million times safer than alcohol and cigarettes but yet it has a terrible stigma attached to it. Unfortunately there are powerful people in our government with there hands in the cookie jar of big pharma and will fight us every step of the way. We cannot let these people that do not have our best interest at heart continue to push back the legalization of cannabis. We have made great strides but we will not truly free the plant until every man and woman can grow this wonderful plant in our homes bringing friends and family together. Peace and love ya'll!!

  3. They limited alcohol for the kids (18+) back in the day to 3.2 beer. 😂 it’s a double edge sword, bc I don’t think people should be paying all this bs tax and high price for cannabis. The reason people don’t make their own booze is bc it doesn’t make sense monetarily. But, for example, in Illinois right now they will charge you around $80 for an 8th after taxes.

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