THC vs CBD . What Is The Difference?

What is the difference between CBD vs THC? Do they have the same effect? Discover how THC and CBD work with Endoca CEO Henry Vincenty. Follow …


  1. Awesome, I learned something I did not know.
    I didn't know there are receptors through out my entire body.
    I love CBD. I take it in high doses and it makes all the difference to my day. Thank you for your quest.

  2. Thanks for being so forthright about the state of the industry. I'm more likely to buy my products from people I trust and since the Canna/CBD industry is exploding from the seams over here in Cali, it's nice there's a gold-standard like yours to make sure all the products in the market have something reputable to measure against when it comes to testing, reporting, and honesty, the most important quality.

  3. This guy is the most incredible CBD product manufacturer and his entire endeavor and philosophy is amazing what a guy, unlike a lot of these corrupt pseudo Cbd oil farmers who will sell you snake oil in bottles if allowed, this guy has always been a breath of fresh air always genuine sharing his knowledge and wants a better world

  4. I got CBD for stress, it works a bit, maybe I don't take enough but hang on, the real bonus is my old dog, (her name is Ratt), has been getting a tiny bit once a day for the last 2 weeks and she appears to be so much happier and has more energy which makes me happier so maybe it does work? 🙂

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