TENNCANN Aquaponics Facility in Memphis Growing Cannabis for Electric Farms in Tennessee

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  1. Tell them to feed the fishes with coconut discharge of coconut oil production ! They are inexpensive because they would end up be composted anyway and they would have more freely access to caprylic acid and lauric acid , 2 compound that form the majority of coconut oil and could be used mixed with Cannabis oil in order to make first quality health compounds for human consumption.
    Also coco glucoside is still coconut extract product who could be used with leftover to do bath lotions like Cannabis soap ! ! !
    A fresh bath of foaming cannabinoids love !
    Also purchasing coconut from poorest countries you would help directly the local economy for the cheapest price of coconut in the market.

  2. Just left a presentation in Williamson County where a guy is growing (traditionally) 12 ft plants over a period of 90 days. I asked him about aquaponically grown plants, he was stumped. He said that it was too hard to get the nutrients right. You have already proved this wrong. How long does it take you to produce a harvestable plant?

  3. Looks like you've got PM pretty bad. Are you treating it with anything? Temp swings, humidity and lack of airflow may need to be adjusted also. What temp/humidity are you running?

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