Taking a Beyond HEROIC Dose Of THC Edibles (200mg)

Well… I fucked up lol. This is the story of the day I took almost 10x a ‘heavy’ dose of edibles with no tolerance! Oh yeah and there’s some other stuff thrown in …


  1. Have you guys had any crazy edible experiences?

    Note: Dosing is totally relative to each individual, 200mg might be weak for some people, whilst 10mg might give others ego-death experiences, there's loads of factors to account for like body weight, tolerance, sensitivity, incorrect dosing from drug dealers and way more!
    Here's a video that explains why dose ≠ intensity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE84JcBv9Wg

    Here's the doses listed by psychonaut wiki for edibles:
    Threshold: 1 mg
    Light: 2.5-5 mg
    Common: 5-10 mg
    Strong: 10-25 mg
    Heavy: 25 mg+

    And here's the doses listed on Erowid (no tolerance:
    Light Stoning: 2-4 mg
    Medium Stoning: 3-8 mg
    Strong Stoning: 4-15mg

    Hope y'all enjoyed 🙂

  2. Thats a childs play dose for those from CA!😆🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  3. Bruh, the first time I tried edibles I ate a 1000mg edible and I was FUCKED and it actually last week ngl but I've been smoking weed for a good while now but it was still fun and 10/10 would do again

  4. i have a high tolerance.. daily stoner for the last 30 ish years.. mostly concentrates in my puffco peak for the last 12 months ,,,also enjoy my golden teachers and 150ug or so of mr hoffmans gift to us from time to time so yea…i have eaten as much as 600mg and all it does to me is first i feel pretty much drunk then i pass out until tomorrow. i find i enjoy edibles around 150 mg at a time when I go camping.. no driving all day kinda thing.. too potent for daily buzzin tho.

  5. i also have the same problem where i cant feel edibles. Last time i tried i bought like 3 different edibles from a dispensary and ate like 200-300mg and nothing, so i told myself im never wasting money on them again 🙁 how the hell did you make them work?

  6. Meditating on edibles i made with a gram and a half of vaporized bud triggered a psychedelic experience for me.
    First it started with faded colourful geometry, but as i got deeper into the meditative state it got increasingly more intense and detailed.

    I got to a point where i was falling through an infinite black and purple net that had endless tunnels in all directions, this slowly faded over a few minutes into complete darkness,
    when it was completely dark i started to feel energy surging up my spine, it felt like i was a rocket about to take off. It was so intense I honestly thought i was going to die.

    After what felt like 5 minutes the feeling subsided and i tried to just sit back and watch a movie but there was this feeling of a presence as this small green shape
    darted around my vision like it was trying to get my attention, wherever it was in my fov the corresponding area of my body would twitch (if it was in upper left side of my fov my right arm would twitch, if it was the lower side my leg would twitch) this persisted for a few minutes, but i kept ignoring it and it eventually went away.
    I must of passed out after that because the only I remember after is waking up.

  7. I think I may be intolerant to THC edibles. Something more out of the ordinary recently happened when I ate 1000mg D8THC with a caffeine supplement that has lecithin and had no effects.

  8. Edibles don't effect me, I have a really low tolerance to thc yet I can take a 500mg edible and just barley feel the effects. But I could take one hit of a joint and be fucked

  9. I had the same issue but not nearly as extreme. I tried THC oil a few times and never felt anything. Gradually working up from 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 mg. Finally at 20 I felt it hard

  10. Had edibles once, no ideas about the dosages, but it wasn't supposed to be much (two small cookies). More than an hour after, I wasn't feeling anything, so I took another cookie. Two hours after the third cookie, still nothing. And then, I just got extremely high, without any come-up. It lasted for a few hours, I finally got back home, not tripping anymore, but still feeling kinda off. Finally, when I got into bed (more than 10 hours after I ate the cookies), I got full-on closed eyes visuals and things got scary. I lied there feeling physically tortured by the THC gods, but eventually I fell asleep

  11. Bro. Literally yesterday I did 100mg worth of edible gummy bears plus DXM! First I ate slices of mango to potentiate the edibles, I dosed the edibles, then 40 min in I did 12 robotablets. I had 3 friends do the same. We had such a great time!

  12. Edibles never seem to do shit to me. I eat a full pack of this nerds ropes the other night and it was apparently 600mg and didn’t feel shit. The only time edibles got me fucked up is one time my old boss Vinny gave me these things called sativa kind capsules and he give me two and they were only 30mg a piece and it got me the most high I’ve ever been.

  13. At this point, psychedelics have made weed so trippy for me that I can't really use it anymore. Especially salvia, that ruined THC's effects. I can't imagine 200+ mg edibles without tolerance, that would get spooky

  14. For everyone who thinks this is odd and unusual, im fairly sure TripTips was not actually tripping visually and with high intensity. He took a large dose, and large doses of THC can trigger you to fall into a psychedelic mindset. A lot of the stuff you explained in this video makes sense, when I first started smoking bud and smoking large amounts with friends, we would all just sit there in a circle completely unable to move and just talk absolute nonsense, listen to music and mong out big time. I would compare being insanely, incredibly high, after smoking multiple grams with little tolerance, to a low-dose acid trip, but without the closed eye visual intensity.
    The only "psychedelic" stuff I experienced when extremely high, was probably the thought process that my mind would go through, imagining crazy things, pictures, ideas and memories in my head and watching them "come alive".

  15. Lol, exactly on the day that i'm also going to do edibles. Already ate 2/3ds of it and wil eat the rest in like an hour, it's 200mg in total, wich gets me pretty high but no so much that i'm really hallucinating (although i did ones when i ate the whole thing at once😅)

  16. Nice report. Have you ever tried Delta 8 THC? Inhaled/vaped it provides a nice high that is very clear, with little to no paranoia/looping thoughts. Edibles I have made with it are very similar to the feel of Delta 9 THC, but I think is a more clear, clean high. It takes more Delta 8 in my experience but is an enjoyable experience in its own right.

  17. I put a gram of 90% pure RSO in my coffee on Saturdays… most I’ll ever get is a very strong body high but never never in my 26 years of using cannabis have I ever even come close to psychedelic territory with it?! Even right after I smoke DMT I’ll take a couple dabs after the comedown to normalize and hey still just feel like dabs… not sure what your on mate but I’d pay extra for hallucinogenic weed lmao, it’s legal here too so it’s not a matter of access to variety either?

  18. I spent most of 2019 doing 150mg+ daily, occasionally adding some mushrooms in for good measure, found that anything above 300mg of thc alone was psychedelic territory, my highest dose was 1000mg while sleep deprived, definitely wouldn't recommend but it personal wasn't a bad time, just strong af, thc truly is psychedelic, believe the reason why this is controversial is because when you smoke weed you ingest THCA, whereas when you eat edibles you ingest 11 HO THC, which is known to be more psychoactive by weight, tolerance definitely has a lot to do with it but these experiences are possible with edibles alone; if anyone's interested, comment & I'll post a write up of the year in the comments!

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