Study: Pot Doesn't cause Brain Damage Like Alcohol

“A new study from researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder found that alcohol is much more damaging to your brain than marijuana. In fact, the study …


  1. Alt-right politicians bought and paid for by big pharma, private prisions and drug cartels… don't want us to have legal access to anything that takes away from their bottom line. All of a sudden a baby's death in Colorado is being blamed on tetrahydrocannabinol (thc), supposedly the "first" death to be blamed on marijuana overdose. Not making light of the babies death, RIP, but, the finding is suspiciously convenient because, it happened in Colorado (a marijuana legal) state and because marijuana is considered one of the most commonly used illicit drugs in the world and it's been used for eons. To claim it's the "first" of anything is like saying Columbus was the "first" to discover America. O' wait they do claim that he did 😅😄😃😂
    There is a thing called moderation and being responsible adults… there is no reason they can give to keep this weed illegal. States can make money from taxes and the little guy can can be good capitalists instead of illicit drug dealers.

  2. I have been smokeing shity weed for 15 years I have absolutely no health problems whatsoever…… other than the fact I can't get a decent job and the cops have extorted me so many times I don't have money to take care of myself I got put on a year probation for a joint and they took my car for a joint and I lost my job for a joint and I sit in jail for 90 days for a joint

  3. Three people tried to enter the Social Security office at 4.25pm, but the door was locked….
    The first alcoholic…said..'lets kick the fukn door in'…..
    The second person….a pinger popper…said…'no let's take some of these pills and float in through the keyhole'…
    The third person…a pot smoker….pulled out his bag of weed and said…'No..let's roll up and wait until tomorrow'……

  4. Funnily enough, last night I was having to explain the things alcohol does to GABA A receptors since you have to stop drinking when you're being weaned off of benzodiazapines due to the fact that they dramatically weaken your GABA centres, and can't heal if you're having alcohol (or are still on benzos). One of the reasons I've been pretty supportive of at minimum medicinal marijuana, is that it can be used in place of benzos, and why I'm also in favour of ending the prohibition on marijuana in general, is that alcohol does pretty bad stuff, more so than weed.

    Sadly, it's taken the mainstream ages to catch up on this shite in the US. Even outside the US, it took a while, but they're getting more and more aware.

  5. I know. I've smoke weed every day for probably 2 straight years now, and I don't feel any change in my thought processes, in fact, I've progressed further than ever on the guitar and writing.

  6. While I don't smoke marijuana, I want to say that of all the things people say will kill you (alcohol, tobacco, guns, and other drugs), marijuana directly kills practically no one compared to everything else which can kill hundreds of thousands to several million Americans a year. Thanks to Barack Obama's presidency marijuana is legal in more states than it was before he was President (though it hasn't been made legal in Texas yet). President Obama had also given clemency or even pardoned over 1,000 people who were convicted of non-violent drug charges so there is hope in the future for legalized marijuana and more reduced sentences for people who are in jail on just drug charges. Even though I don't smoke it, I see this as a good thing.

    Also, (I know this from taking psychology and philosophy courses in college) if something is illegal or somebody is told they are wrong to like something it just makes them want it more/want to get it through criminal means (prohibition anyone?). Hence the problem with “The War On Drugs” that we have been facing since the 1980s; it has created more problems with drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and opioids than solved yet Conservatives continue to ignore these issues, and despite the fact that Caucasians and People of Color smoke it at similar rates, there is clear racism in locking up the POCs 4 times as much as Caucasians for doing the same thing. Plus, given that more than half of all states and D.C. have legalized marijuana in some form, it's only a matter of time before it becomes legal nation-wide (though under President Trump and Jeff Sessions, it might be a while longer).

    Finally, in all the states where marijuana was fully legal (medicinal/recreational) before the 2016 election, crime rates were actually going down and they had a new source of income by making money off marijuana sales so it could help state economies if they legalized it since the worst thing about marijuana is that it "gives you the munchies" and "makes you slow and stupid." Furthermore, deaths from the opioid crisis and smoking are also going down where marijuana has been legalized, so it seems reasonable to legalize it everywhere else. Although, realistically old school politicians are too "brain dead" to realize how marijuana can be good for their states or are too corrupt/make money by locking up minorities who possess the drug.

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