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From obesity to alcohol misuse, from rotting baby teeth to hearing problems caused by passive smoking – Britain’s largest children’s hospital is treating younger …


  1. All of this is sad and disgusting. How do you neglect your child this much to the point it’s affecting their well-being? Meanwhile the parents are walking around healthy

  2. I’m from the U.S where we have private insurance, which doesn’t cover much of anything despite you paying. To have something as lovely as the NHS is only a dream for most of us. Sad pitty to see funds going to preventable things because of terrible parents in denial. Hope all the best for those children.

  3. if the child expresses that he's tired, have a sit in the grass! drink some water, then get back up! if he's walking fine, don't tell him to get in a wheelchair because you think it's affecting his breathing (which of course it does! exercise is supposed to make your pulse increase)

  4. I am sorry but moms have been told about bottles for over a decade that I know of . Never to bed ! My teeth were bad due to hereditary on both sides of my family . I brushed and flossed went to the dentist regularly. I lost all my teeth at 26 years old . I made sure to be very careful with my kids teeth no bottles of the breast at 8-9 months 3 kids! No bottles . They had sweets but rinsed their mouth out in between brushing I had sealants put on molars ! My kids are 38,39,41 ! They have all their teeth minus Wisdom teeth . It may just be luck I don’t know but I tried to do the best for them .

  5. This is how I grew up, I have dental probs now & weight issues & maybe how these people grew up & they had kids of their own. The fact that they don't know any better is no excuse!

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