1. I'm on board with legalization, but requiring a license for drug use is a terrible idea. A license system inevitably results in a penalty system, and that defeats the primary purpose of legalization in the first place. We don't want people penalized for drug use, and it's abundantly clear that our current penal system in the US disproportionately affects the poor and the non-caucasian. Licensing would only serve to create an exclusive club of people who have the time/money/privilege to devote to the process. Also, psychedelics are highly unpredictable, and no amount of "training" or licensing is going to prevent someone from going off the rails when they're out on their own.

  2. Many who oppose the inclusion of trans athletes erroneously claim that allowing trans athletes to compete will harm cisgender women. This divide and conquer tactic gets it exactly wrong. Excluding women who are trans hurts all women. It invites gender policing that could subject any woman to invasive tests or accusations of being “too masculine” or “too good” at their sport to be a “real” woman. In Idaho, the ACLU represents two young women, one trans and one cis, both of whom are hurt by the law that was passed targeting trans athletes.

    Further, this myth reinforces stereotypes that women are weak and in need of protection. Politicians have used the “protection” trope time and time again, including in 2016 when they tried banning trans people from public restrooms by creating the debunked “bathroom predator” myth. The real motive is never about protection — it’s about excluding trans people from yet another public space. The arena of sports is no different.

    On the other hand, including trans athletes will promote values of non-discrimination and inclusion among all student athletes. As longtime coach and sports policy expert Helen Carroll explains, efforts to exclude subsets of girls from sports, “can undermine team unity and also encourage divisiveness by policing who is ‘really’ a girl.” Dr. Mary Fry adds that youth derive the most benefits from athletics when they are exposed to caring environments where teammates are supported by each other and by coaches. Banning some girls from athletics because they are transgender undermines this cohesion and compromises the wide-ranging benefits that youth get from sports.

  3. I've realized through studying the neuroscience of psychedelic effects how important it is we all start communicating with each other. This default mode network of division is not working for us.

  4. We are missing the ceremonial aspects still. So many of these healing plants are FREE from the Creator. It goes back to the loss of Eros and we still try to REGULATE Mother Nature Herself. This is a wrong approach and attitude. B/c who then has control over them and to administer them, when they are here for us all?

  5. The poem by Hilda Doolittle: At Eleusis ~ What they did,
    they did for Dionysos,
    for ecstasy’s sake:

    now take the basket,
    think of the moment you count
    most foul in your life;
    conjure it,
    pray to it;

  6. Wow! She looks so illuminating in her lilac jacket! Could well that her aura is violet and white. She is a visionary with a humble heart. It's so incredible that she has this gift to bridge spirituality, health, politics and community.

  7. If you can love kittens and puppies, then its possible to extend it to other things, you just have to get your own mind out of your way. Im happy to see others responding to their deeper calling!

  8. Job well done Marianne! Completely enjoyed this Conversation, as we enter a very important time in humanity as you have continued to bring to the foreground. My wife Fran, and I, enjoyed meeting you in DC, and as a preventative cardiologist,I consider these conversation essential for healing the collective heart. I will be merging these concepts into my Passover Seder in a few weeks. Would love to have you join us. 🙂

  9. I think imprisonment for using drugs is wrong but I do worry about corporations and the gov taking psychedelics over. Look at ssri pills and how they over prescribed them. We have countless kids on heavy psychiatric drugs when they shouldn't be. And look at tobacco and all the stuff they put in it to make it addictive… It's complicated.

  10. I just watched a documentary about David Bohm, a physicist respected by the Dalai Lama and Einstein and he worked on understanding string theory and the idea that the observer is the observed and how our thoughts and observations can help shape reality.
    I'm not that great with words but it impacted me a lot. After watching it I hopped on Twitter and noticed your link to here.
    Anyway it's a great documentary. The title is "Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm"

  11. Psychedelics are a pathway to access the unity consciousness and a spiritual journey to enlightenment as you say. I believe they are an important tool to help those with trauma access the connectivity of all that is and feel connected to it when they've been beaten by the material world. These substances can bring a connection to 'God' that cannot be unseen and unknown. I've worked with the groups in the bay area that brought the decriminalized movement forward and there are many with the right ideals thinking of how to bring these tools forward responsibly and safely while keeping capitalistic motivations out of it. I've also experienced ego in the space which tends to creep in because it's part of human shadow and those looking to profit in the underground to make a name for themselves. I'm a huge believer in entheogens as a tool for healing and access to the Divine if used as such and the movement is able to expand with integrity.

  12. RN here. I've been following the modern research into psychedelics for thr last 15 years. Research thus far has led many in the medical community to believe that they're the future of hospice, chronic pain, and psychological treatments. I've only used psychedelics once as a teenager and I had a poor experience. It must be said, as a long term meditator, I've had many consciousness expanding experiences that psychedelic users have chronicled. Thanks for this interview Marrianne.

  13. Jusy one more thing. You wont get anywhere with those people who currently are posed as "leaders" in the US. They are no friend to say the least. Have you consulted with your higher self or those who can sense these things in people? Something evil lurks there.

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