Soil vs Coco vs Hydro yield result & overall comparison

I have run a grow test to compare using different medium and nutrient solutions for an indoor grow. The plants are chili clones and have been grown under the …


  1. i did notice the hydro had the most sprouted flowers/buds yet no chillis, i wonder how that would translate into cannabis? would that mean larger plants therefore larger buds or does the soil based chillis demonstrate more fruit means more yield for a cannabis plant? brilliant video btw love the detail and effort you put into educating us and demonstrating a fair test 🙂

  2. please upgrade your camera as your Autofocus is hunting in & out & very off putting .. may I suggest a Sony zvi camera with the WL-1 wide angle macro lens, they also do a grip/handle that you can control the camera from . great channel keep up the great work

  3. Really nice only grew chilis in soil they became silly strong under some cfl :s storebought chilis nonames just took the seeds and grew them under a diy cfl panel bulbs and uuuum tubes ? boomchakala good ones and i found that they turned red when its warm around the plants … who figured ? the green ones were Spicy atleast . Cool Video really nice with the comparisons ! Good Work Shane! / Paul Roger

  4. Looks like we have a Hydro grower doing the test…Organic soil got this beat in every way !!…beside cleaning the SALT incrusted containers and supply you have to do with Hydro…..C'mon stop the propaganda. Canna good company but not about Organics…I work at a Hydro and Organic Garden Supply, 30+ years experience, just to note.

  5. Great job I know you’re very experienced I have had problems with those type of AirPods the plants do not always get big it’s a hit and miss I’ve noticed with me

  6. I think this video is a reflection of YOUR growing skills. You're used to growing in soil and soil did the best. I promise you an experienced coco and rdwc grower would put that soil to shame

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