SNDL STOCK POSSIBLE BUYOUTS COMING?? – More Legalization News! – (Sundial Growers Stock Analysis)

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  2. They doing this because all that money they printed and those stimulus checks they are getting it right back double hyper inflation is coming fast and hard everything will go up lumber food gas houses taxes clothes vehicles weed will help some so the government won't have to help these states out in a emergency like California was and Colorado was its coming

  3. great thoughts about SNDL, thanks for sharing. I have also made a video to discuss the cannabis stocks, and I actually think there are another 2 big stocks we should monitor, canopy growth and curaleaf, not sure what do you think

  4. What you think about earning on sndl? I sold amc nndm before earning it goes up but keep the pltr ttcf thru earning it goes down. Got more than 26,000 share in sndl don’t know about their earning with price 1.51

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