Sexism in American Health Care🇺🇸 – ♀️♂️Difference in Treatment💉

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  1. My experience is that it depends more on what disease you have. When I have to be hospitalized for my Lyme, fibromialgia, I've indeed had the experience that much is questioned. However, when I am admitted for ulcerative colitis, I am approached as it should be.

  2. I know there have been many studies based on gender..treatments ..pain relief and tests ordered in the ER when presenting with IDENTICAL symptoms ! Every study showed that men'st reported pain score more likely to beloved and they were offered narcotic painkillers in higher doses

  3. I have been asked the questions before. I am legally blind and I do use a power chair. These questions are usually asked if I am experiencing a medical episode but the doctors aren't seeing what they want to see? For example, if I don't have certain symptoms that are in the medical textbook or it is something that they can't see they will ask me those questions such as "Have you been feeling sad or that you want to hurt yourself or anyone else"? They don't always do this but if I am trying to let them know that I believe it is one thing and they don't think that it is what I am saying they will end up asking me those questions. I hope that you do feel better soon Paul? I hope that you filmed and recorded the way this doctor treated you and how this doctor is treating Paul so maybe you can report this doctor to the board? This is not cool and I hope that the paramedics will get written up for how they treated you?

  4. I hope you get better!
    Whenever I go to the ER now I will take a bag of stuff in case I get admitted. I have been to the hospital so much that I know what I want in need if I get stuck there. Lol.

  5. I had to call an ambulance the other week because I had really bad breathing difficulties and hadn't been able to breath properly for 2.5 hours and when they came I told them I had asthma and had tried my inhaler multiple times and they turned round and said its nothing probably just your anxiety even though I was calm and not anxious at all because I knew what was happening and how I needed to say and do I just needed help at 4am when I called them they literally said to me and I quote "its nothing,get a covid test and go to bed" the guy also argued with my mum because my whole house is isolating because mum has crohns so we are doing all we can to keep her safe so I hadn't left the house in like 5 weeks it just got me very annoyed that they said it was my anxiety and depression causing it

  6. I’m so glad your making this public. Being a male and ESPECIALLY being white you get like royalty treatment compared to women. Even more so women of color. It’s horrific and more people need to go public with it so it will hopefully change

  7. SERIOUSLY?!?! Hospital staffs keep questioning ur mental health while overlooking the real illness?! They keep doing that all the time? I would consider potential litigation for repeating bully or disrespectful behavior at healthcare! Loads of prayers for both of you for a permanently peaceful solution to ongoing hostile with staffs.

  8. So sorry you are in the hospital again, this time with a "crying arm"….ha! I checked out your baby registry. I am glad you set one up this soon on, as with the first baby you need all the help you can get because you need a LOT!!! This will give your fans ( like me) time to help you out as I'm sure all of us would love to. After all, you cannot go out shopping without taking a risk of Covid. Get better soon! This is a time you should both be feeling HAPPY and BLESSED!!!!

  9. Yes, get well Paul! Almost every time I'm in the hospital, they put the thing on my legs, and altho it feels good, it is annoying because it's harder to get up and go to the hospital. And that is so wrong that they are treating you differently. As far as the vein I had an iv in my forearm and I was on very strong antibiotic and it blew and they had to put some kind of shots in my arm or they said it would have been very bad. That was kinda scary.

  10. I've been watching you guys for awhile now. As a female and being in and out of the hospital. I've never been asked those questions also never seem to have the problems you two seem to have when going to the hospital.

  11. Men's pain is often taken far more serious too. It's completely ridiculous. I see it as a patient now and I used to see it with Drs back in the day when I used to be a RN.

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