BlackBerry autoflowering genetics by Fastbuds under a 562-1000W HPS over 10 weeks. Final Harvest was 9.5 ounces (266 grams). For the strain review and …


  1. My favorite strain ever since the first day I’ve smoked it was dark popcorn crunchy looking but tasted sweet and gassy will probably always will be my favorite never judge a book by it’s cover

  2. Man I dont know about every1 else but I've watched a few vids and u seriously talk too much u just go on why do u drag out the last word of each sentence it does my head in BAADDDDD I'm sorry but I have to unsubscriiiiibe.
    The only 1 I seen you didnt say anyyythinnnng is the BlackBerry timmmmelaaaaaapse your growssssss are only averaaaaaage.

  3. Hey, do you have any interest to test excellent led grow light for the indoor plant?
    I believe it would help your growing also you can compare the difference. If interested, pls let me know.

  4. Fuck sakes lol. I tried growing for the first time and ended up with under an oz with both plants lol. Northern lights autoflower. Had to grow them outside so not sure if autos work too well outdoors. Made the best of what I had lol. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🇨🇦

  5. LOL the explosive introduction proceeded by the most commonly played youtube song, followed by low res screenshots of the subject….I loved it. Great video in a whole, definitely gave me a new perspective on the growth process.

  6. Hey guys I've recently taken the plunge and created my very own channel. Its a place where just like me amatuer cannabis growers can share grow tips and their opinions on a non biased channel. Hope to interact with you soon guys peace ✌ and love 💚👀👀👀👀

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