Safely Making Rick Simpson's Phoenix Tears Hemp Oil

Rick Simpson’s method of making medicinal hemp oil. This is the legit cure for cancer. PLEASE download this video from here or any other channel and re …


  1. what a WASTE of alcohol. You could steam distil this off, collect it again and re-use it for more extractions! terrible economy…great to know however how easy it is.

    I wouldnt use naptha or iso, id use ethanol, which you can distil yourself. if you take the power back and distill it yourself, you can rice cooker evap and collect solvent again for more runs. id take this video down and find a better one to share

  2. Yeah, sadly cancer cures are taking on the same character as the desperate and horrible "cures" people tried for black plague. Hopefully people are focusing on their quality of life instead of torturing themselves with 'cures'.

  3. Rice cooker is a must. Holds temp at 178-9 F. No need to worry about it getting too hot…nice. Recommend having an extra set of hands too. I needed help with it. And do it outside if you can. The alcohol fumes are pretty intense when breathed in. This medicine has helped me and many of my friends. Haven't seen it cure cancer but it helps my friends with serious diseases like MS, she claims it helps with tremors way more than the dangerous meds doctors give her. This
    should be legal throughout the entire world! The war on drugs is a failed policy that needs to be obliterated. Fight to legalize!!

  4. Ok from what I see this RSO is just ISO hash. Made the same but this guy uses Naptha and that cant be good. If you are going to make large quanitites of hash use the cold water extraction method. For saftey reasons if you are going to make ISO or RSO I would sugest small batches, no more then 1/4th Oz, to limit the fumes. Do not get the solution hot enough to boil as you are burning off the good stuff. Low heat all you want to do is cook off the alcohol and that vaporizes and room temp. Slow and steady. When all that is left is a thick tar, should be amber color, scrape it up and put it on a piece of glass or mirror in a thin layer and let air purge for a few days. Enjoy!!

  5. Does anyone know where I can buy Everclear? I am in Southern California. A person told it to get it from Amazon, but they no longer sell it. I want to make my own CBD oil. What food solvent can I safely use?

  6. Naptha = Petroleum Product
    Petroleum is carcinogenic.
    Using a carcinogenic substance to render a natural cancer killer is counter productive.
    Use the highest Ethyl/Ethanol Alcohol Available i.e. Everclear, Legal Moonshine etc.
    Don't be stupid. It's clear in the comments below, there are many intelligent people trying to warn YOU of the dangers of this video.
    Solvents used for govt. Hash Oil is Acetone…but it's not the shit you buy at Lowes. I wouldn't try nor trust ANYTHING with "HighGrade/Food/Medical Grade Acetone Either.
    Watch out for anything with Benzine, as that Family is under Plutonium in the Cancer Family. That is why the food additive "Sodium Benzoate" is
    labeled as "Less Then 1/10th of 1%" as a "food preserver" in just about everything i.e. soy sauce.
    Don't be foolish. Ingesting petrol will cause cancer…the exact thing you're trying to cure.

  7. it is asinine to use naphtha to do this, for christ's sake. People should use ETOH as the solvent, in a closed loop system, with a rotovap.

  8. naptha?…why not just use gasoline, turpentine or any other poisonous solvent you have lying around in your garage?! Why go to all the trouble of getting the best strains, flushing, etc if you're just going to use some poisonous solvent at the end to extract the cannabinoids(?)

  9. There is a large amount of ridiculous comments on this. So yes, naptha as a safe solvent is not a wise idea due to the market grade that is available. Yes, Ethyl Alcohol (everclear) is a much safer alternative. Ruderalis isn't really a hemp straign, actually an autoflowering strain. Hemp seeds are widely available and contain great amounts of hemp seed oil, because guess what? Hemp doesn't make resinous oils! Wow shocker huh? A non delta 9 strain doesn't carry the tricome that carry thc. I do believe cbd oil is present is some hemp but I can't confirm that.
    I've know a couple cancer survivors who thank pheonix tears for every day they wake.
    This method, while effective, should be removed of its soluble fats present in the oil… this suggestion is a result of an experience explained to me by a user of pheonix tears oil.
    The individual would experience a anaphylactic reaction due to the lipids still present in the oil. This was remedied with a seperation method that helped seperate more fats from the product.

    For the record, saving life and preventing suffering is a serious interest for me. It is a shame that the actual TRUE proof of the effect of this oil on patient's goes overlooked due to outdated and manipulated research and rumor. Is it not an American staple to protect thy self and protect thy state for the good of the country by any means so help you God.
    Thank you for your time.

  10. From Rick Simpson's webpage for Processing hemp oil: "I usually work with a pound or more of bud from very potent high quality indica or indica dominant sativa-crosses. An Ounce of good bud will usually produce 3 to 4 grams of high-grade oil-"
    That… ah, that's not what you're using here…

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