Return of the Living Dead 2 4 5 Trioxin Pathophysiology Explored | What reanimation does to the Body

In return of the living dead, any person, up to a certain point of degradation that they are literally dust, can be brought back to the world of the living. The issue is …


  1. My family and I liked these movies back when I was a kid. Corny movies but funny non the less.
    Also for the RotLD 2, you said 1 barrel fell off on to the road, it looks like a few has fallen off on to the road and 1 went into the river.

  2. I kinda wanna make a zombie movie where a town is over run and no one knows how to kill them until a teenage boy finds out that kicking them in the balls kills them because some reason I need to make up and the rest of the movie is just live people kicking dead people in the nuts. And for some reason this also works on female zombies too…

  3. That tar zombie was the scariest zombie I think, even to this day. Walking Dead has had a good few like the Well zombie on the farm or Bike Girl from episode 1/Season 1.
    But they have nothing on Tar Man.

  4. One other possible explanation for the motion of headless or badly brain damaged zombies is in how insects operate. They arent intelligent enough to be aware of their surroundings. They have no thoughts and barely have instincts. Many scientists believe that insects are little more than complex organisms that are in a constant state of reaction. Using this theory, small robots have been created that nearly identically match the behavior of ants and cockroaches.

    So, it's entirely possible we're reading mechanical dysfunction as intelligence. The hand strangles Ed because hes warm. The middle finger it gives is more because part 2 is a comedy, so we kinda have to let a couple things go. James Karen does an expert job in both films but in a diagnostic sense, the sequel works much better. Ed's intelligence doesnt just make him a mindless animal. It's more that hes regressing to a child. Losing the ability to speak and only acting on base needs while still having an emotional attachment to people he recognizes.

    Now, as for the consumption of brains, I love your theory. It's way better than anything I have ever thought. I always believed that it was a case of psychological hunger. In cases of Pica, people will crave nonfood items like metal or hair to eat. This can be very dangerous as they often times cant resist the urge forever as they constantly feel they're starving. It's neurological root is in the part of the brain that identifies the nutrition the body needs and guides cravings. This misfire can be a psychological thing or a physical problem with hormonal imbalance. But in the undead, the brain essentially is little more that the nerve cluster at it's center. So it's possible that the brain is in full panic and trying to get the components to rebuild. As it's decaying, its sending signals to eat anything, just eat. In severe starvation cases, people will violently attack animals and other people and pass up eating a vegetable. This feral behavior is because the brain is removing unnecessary thought, shuts down the moral centers of the brain and goes straight for the chemicals it needs to form new muscle.

    I really love your thoughts and you've given me a lot to contemplate. Thanks!

  5. You said they were safe in the truck because they were grounded through the tires. Thats backwards. They were not electrocuted because they were insulated from the ground by the tires. If they had been grounded, they would have been electrocuted because that would allow the electricity to pass through them to the ground. Hence grounding.

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