1. If the majority of people support it, then why the hell cant WE vote on it instead of politicians? Seems to me that the people should have a say in it. They say that the government supposedly works for US instead of the other way around so why doesn't the public get a say in the matter? B.S.

  2. Honestly it's sad that our politicians still try to use fear tactics and emotions to persuade their constituents. It's even more disgusting that they hide behind word play so often just to be able to have plausible deniability when people nail them with it too. You are doing the best work by showcasing politicians like this one man. Thank you. It wouldn't reach us otherwise.

  3. Universal health care is the same thing as legal cannabis???? REALLY, are you kidding me.
    For all the Republican Convention all I have been saying over and over is …are you kidding me.
    For all you Conseritives is Trump really the hill you want to defend at all costs?

  4. For decades the government has side stepped legalizing cannabis. Big pharma killed it all. Legalization may come, it may not. Until then the home growers will keep the supply steady. Screw medicinal. I'm not paying a friggin doctor for a script saying it's alright for me to use it. I can use that money for more smoke. ✌😤💨👍

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