1. Wow. Thank you all for so much for all the love, support, & understanding of what I spoke on in this video. I am really blown away as I wasn't expecting it at all.
    You are really so wonderful & have made my day. I cannot express how thankful I am of you for everything you do for me. I hope you have a nice day & weekend.

  2. Congrats on the upcoming baby!

    How can anyone be mad about sponsorships!? I for one only find out about new planty products from the Youtube/Instagram channels I find, so I appreciate any of the good recommendations I come across.

  3. Thank you for sharing. You didn't over do it. I love your content and I think the sponsorships you have taken are pretty cool. Ive looked at some of them myself and was more interested knowing that you had a good experience. Keep doing you 😁🌱

  4. I was really sick for the first 5 months and lost tons of weight, I was so worried about the baby until the midwife told me they are like parasites and will suck the life out of your body to survive..lol, somehow this comforted me and the baby was fine and weighed 8 pounds (so was I!)

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  6. Hi Harli. Congratulations on baby #2! I'm a new subscriber and have been binge-watching your videos. I really enjoy your passion and your authenticity. I will be watching regardless of sponsorships. Get your money, girl!

  7. You shouldn't feel sorry for taking sponsorships. I personally feel happy about my favourite youtubers getting sponsored, that is kind of an indicator of success. And I know you need to make money too 😀

  8. I’m sorry you’re dealing with post pardon and seasonal depression, and that people are unnecessarily rude about sponsorships. I hope it gets better ❤️ and girl you have a kid and one on the way, collect that sponsorship money 💵!!

  9. Aww girl, you're not oversharing – thanks for giving us an inside look at what it's like on your end. Life is just freakin hard sometimes and I appreciate the transparency… like if you were bawling and stuff that would be too much, but you're fine – don't worry lol

  10. As long as you’re comfortable sharing, this is not too much. I think it’s important to truthfully explain to your subscribers (or even clients/customers) what’s going on. Open honesty creates trust and connection. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Much love to your growing family❤️

  11. Sponsorships or not, always be authentic, keep "oversharing" and just be you, cuz that's why we love you!!! And y'all have baby 2 coming, get that money!

  12. Kais cuteness x2 I won’t be able to handle it🥺 also I can relate to the house burning story. When I was a toddler I crashed my dads mustang convertible 😎😏

  13. You’re a new mom! You’re gonna have ANOTHER baby! You’re BUSY, TIRED, SICK! You need the money! Who cares what people think! This is your job! Do what you need to do!! Love ya Harli!

  14. definitely not "too much" to share! i really appreciate your honesty. i hope things start to balance out soon and your pregnancy & mental health start to improve. sending love!! 🙂

  15. You don’t need to apologize for making sure you can keep yourself financially stable, ESPECIALLY with a growing family! Congrats on the new babe and all the sponsorships you’ve been able to do 🥰

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