1. Did this dude really say that marijuana should be illegal to protect black people? So apparently, to this guy, black lives matter, as long as he gets to determine the parameters. Cool. Cool cool cool.

  2. Do all the elected officials in Kansas have brain damage? Are they all totally ignorant? What about the people who elected this trash???

  3. This guy is a complete imbecile. It’s people like him that keep us in the dark ages with an outdated thought process, who can’t get past their obsession to control everything they fear or simply don’t like. And it’s people like him who run the media and the country, poisoning everyone’s minds with lies.

  4. lmao marijuana is definitely NOT an entry drug into higher drugs, and even if it was, legalizing marijuana would help keep money out of the hands of illegal drug dealers anyways

  5. Did someone say “Law Maker”?????


    Anyone got some tissue? You’re supposed to wipe after this shit

  6. He's talking about clean air but yet if u smoke cigarettes it's all good… very contradictory. Cannabis has great health benefits! These people should do their research on cannabis b4 they spread unknowledgeble teachings from the 1930's. Smh

  7. Fuck you, Kansas for electing people like this. These are your lawmakers. These 3 clueless white men. They only care about their paychecks and keeping their fat shrew wives happy. Fuck all of you.

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