RDWC – Current Culture Marijuana Nutrient Change Out – Mixing Nutrients – System Check Up

So heres my first change out during flowering after my little mishap at the beginning of the flip. Everything is back on track and I’m really going to start increasing …


  1. Hi cencal, big fan of your page. I've just bought a rdwc system and would like to no what ppm/ec your cuttings are before you put them in your low ppm rdwc system? Also what ppm do u add calmag to each time you do a water change?


  2. Hey, nice vid. I'm running a similar setup, how do you keep the ph in the buckets balanced? Does the top off resevoir take care of that? I have a ph controller, just not sure whether I should put it in my top off res or the bucket res.

  3. Thanks for sharing. But what happens if the power goes out for 12 to 24 hours? The roots mass would be too hot/cold in summer/winter when room temp start to raise/drop. thx

  4. Yo im back again with a question haha. Do you have the same problems after 2 or 3 days the water in the res gets flakes inside the water? I have a circulation pump inside the water barrel and I use only Canna Aqua nutes. But also….. I make the barrel. Leave it for 12 hours with and airstone. Then remove the airstone. Then add PH- Yesterday it was 5.9 now its 6.8 again? Every time I mix a barrel and do PH- 2 days later the PH is again at 6.7 or 6.8. You have some tips for me?

  5. I have a question……….you start in veg in the beginning the plants don`t need much nutrience..but after a week they need more. Do you add it in the system or do you add extra nutrience in the water reservoir so it will flow in the system equally ??

  6. Be careful with this type of system. This is what I run but home made, you do not want to make a mistake. I run a 150 gallon 8 plants. make sure the water is moving, air stones going and replace your water.

  7. CenCal just like to say your vids are extremely informative you explain everything in a very easy way so even first timers like myself can understand keep up the fantastic work look forward to seeing more.
    Ps. I hope you do a vid on scrogging and a vid on cleaning and maintenance 👍👍👍

  8. Nice clean setup..Can you explain what the point of your 45 gallon reservoir is? I noticed you have it connected to one of the undercurrent buckets. Can you explain how that works? Really want to do a setup similar to yours, just trying to figure out how the reservoir system works… Thanks.

  9. yeah but brown root aren't always a issue. some nutrients stain roots brown i run advance nute and they stain the root brown the nutrients them self are brown so white root are always gonna get stained to a dark color. i know cc nutes are always clear looking…

  10. don't be afraid to hit em with some juice brother , especially if your running a chiller. you should be at 600 – 700 ppm. those purple shoots will go away in a day. avoid the ph drift it's a bad habit that will bite you in the ass. you got a really nice set up there, it all looks brand new, lol. listen I'm just an old o.g that happened upon your posting , I'm not trying to be a dick !! I only wish you success.

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