1. Dr Been.. Thank you for being so Altruistic in spending so much time in research and helping us during these crazy times when all our so called leaders have lied and abandoned and betrayed us. Never in the history of the world have we been in greater danger.. Much worse than WW 1 and WW 2 because today Our enemies are WITHIN! Over 500,000 lives and countless others could have been saved by prevention, cheap medicines etc. etc. Yes They are way way worse than ISIS and the Nazis and have BLOOD on their hands and will eventually pay for this.. Also please thank your mother and father for giving us such a dedicated and strong voice to fight on!

  2. Dr Been did a great job for the FLCCC ALLIANCE in his moderator capacity this morning on the ZOOM , with Dr Kory, Dr Carvallo of Argentina, Dr Schwarz of Israel, Dr Lawrie of the UK, and a Scientist from Bulgaria. Dr Been added a lot to this session by including some very important questions. Dr Been has been very brave in calling out the FDA and the NIH for their failure to adopt Hydroxychlorquine in mid 2020 and Ivermectin during the last six months as Ivermectin has vaulted to the number one position in treating Covid-19 victims in all phases of the disease. I really like Dr Beens prophylaxis of using 150 ug/kg treating only once per week, every week since Ivermectin has a half life of about 3 days in human tissue. I believe his therapeutic dose of 150 ng/kg should be recalibrated since so many Long Haulers get microscopic blood clots in small blood vessels. I think all Long Haulers and those under the age of 50 should be treated with Ivermectin to have the best chance of eliminating that microscopic blood clots which seems to be the leading cause of heart, brain, kidney, blood vessel, liver and artery damage. In Utah it seems most of the Long Haulers are young women between the age of 30 to 50. In Utah virtually none of the Long Haulers were offered any treatment for Covid-19 and most say they had a mild case in the initial disease, but have some serious brain and heart damage and I suspect many of their 60,000 miles of small blood vessel are damaged. Several Long Hauler articles call Long Haulers a women disease and that is why I believe every young women under 50 should be offered Ivermectin to give them better chance of avoiding that small blood vessel that damage Long Haulers and for young men from 30 to 50 as well. I believe Dr Been has been more correct than any other internet doctor that I follow, and that includes the FLCCC prophylaxis formulations. Some doctors argue that higher doses of Ivermectin like 400 ug/kg may save Covid-19 damage of major organs. I hope Dr Been will address higher doses of Ivermectin to prevent damage /non-detectable microscopic clots which cannot be seen except during autopsies.

  3. I just today started watching your videos. I'm not a medical professional but I do a lot of research on nutrition and such to try to stay as healthy as possible. I am one who has chosen to not take the new vaccines. My elderly mother does not want the new vaccine either. We both have had negative reactions to flu vaccines in the past and no longer receive those either. I'm completely on board with obtaining the Ivermectin or the Zelenko protocol for my family and will be looking into getting that for us. I seriously doubt that our doctor will prescribe it to us. I'm so thankful to all you doctors who work so hard to get information out to us. Have you all tried one of the newer platforms for your videos such as Bitchute, Rumble, Brighteon? I believe gab.com also has a video platform now too. I'd love to see more people move away from the platforms that are censoring us. Thank you for all you do. God bless. I will keep watching as long as the info is available.

  4. 1:05:22 “I think it is time…” I totally agree with you and am working on a project idea in this space where I can see you would fit perfectly 🌟🌎🌟 this is totally possible and could be put into effect within a few short months with a huge reach immediately. 🔬🧬🙏🏼

  5. 1:00:43 I have been sharing some of your videos to my public FB feed. Very low engagement but that doesn’t matter, what matters is I share it and the videos are still showing as being able to be viewed. I choose your videos that give clear information of value on prophylaxis so that my connections can make informed choices for themselves. 🥰

  6. 44:09 … you are so kind, so very diplomatic, and you do not deserve the insults or the attention of unintelligent haters. That’s my opinion (for what it’s worth – very little I suppose in this insane world at this time) 💝

  7. My dear fellow beans, I took the name of Space Bean and I would like to tell you something about vaccines: Those are not custom made for each one of us. Vaccination it's addressed to tens or hundreds of millions of people. Therefor, it is a cold calculation: Vaccines will kill X amount of people and the disease 10,000X of people. There will never be a drug that will work for all. Moreover, there are scared people, there are all sorts of situations, and the Great Bean Dr. Mobeen is kind enough to spend time and explain us all there is to know. I follow this since March 2020 and I learn more then in 5 life times 🙂 Thank you very much!

  8. During the 1918 flu pandemic there were high rates of death among healthy adults. Most of them dying from pneumonia with lungs being full of fluids. My thinking was that the the problem was in part an over reaction of the healthy immune systems that inflamed the lungs and filled them with fluids. Resulting in pneumonia. While many older people survived. So I thought that steroidal anti inflammatory drugs could have helped keep people alive by clearing the inflammation and fluids.

  9. Dr Been, you are terrific because you are so willing to entertain discussion. Just as ANY virus or bacteria varies, so this one does. As Pfizer, CDC, FLCC say, this sequence has NOT been identified, isolated or purified. And, not at all studied enough or long enough to be able to KNOW ENOUGH. This is an evolving issue.
    Everyone wants an answer now. That’s not real life.

  10. I WOULD LOVE A FUTURE ZOOM invite if you ever have one. If you teach on zoom and charge $2.00 to make a living, I would like to attend some of them, at least you can tell it all as it is and we can learn without censure.

  11. Tis a "PERSONAL" decision what goes into our bodies?

    That said re the anti-vaccine brigade, do not expose yourselves to said external Pandemic/Annual onslaught of such henceforth, OR do and live the consequences, your choice?

    Re AstraZeneca, the UK residents including 78 yr old family members have done fine in that these have a cool-been ( cocoa been) managing vaccine . ailment reactions the instant these arise.

    Sadly globally management re Fevers/CNS symptoms whether this be "wild type" infection or Vaccine reactions are ignored until lethal.

    Ivermectin rocks, I was very nervous re it`s use but now trust implicitly it`s unique properties undiscovered thus far.


  12. Dear Dr Mobeen, I have looked at Geert vanden Bossche's interviews – 2 at the moment. I had to listen to the first 3 times because I didn't quite understand his delivery at times due to the disruption and also the way he construct his sentence makes it a bit difficult to understand. But I think he is right about the 'immune escape' where younger people in Israel is now catching COVID that the earlier variants had not infected them with symptoms like now. You did wonder as well on why more young people who are not vaccinated are now increasing in covid cases.
    Geert is not scare-mongering. He is saying this sub-optimal vaccine (prophylactic vaccine – a new idea to me!) is allowing the selective incubation grounds for more infective and stronger virus.

    He talks about technology of vaccine that induce not just the adaptive arm of immune system but the innate arm i.e. the Natural Killer cell. He acknowledge he was part of the people who made the mistake about the idea of vaccines. He is trying to explain the 3 waves we see now. He is not fear mongering about vaccines but he is saying prophylactic vaccine should not be used during the pandemic. But if we do use this mass vaccination, the vaccinated people should be quarantined after receiving vaccine to prevent the spread of the virus that is being forced to be more infective and able to overcome the vaccine induced type of specific immunity. They will be asymptomatic but with more potent virus instead of natural asymptomatic carriers who are having innate sterilising immunity. These vaccinated people should only get out of quarantine when their serum does not test positive for antibodies. These vaccinated people will likely not going to be more protected by other variants.

    Another point I learn from Geert is the possibility of "adaptive immune cells suppress or activate innate immunity. https://www.cell.com/action/showPdf?pii=S1471-4906%2808%2900258-5

    https://youtu.be/bAtg85QEKGk?t=1914 "Secondary IgM's will be out competed by these antigen specific antibodies for binding onto the virus. and that will be long lived suppression and you lose any protection against any viral variant or corona variant etc. …. This means your innate immunity will be completely bypassed."

    This part really speaks to me on why the developed world has people who are increasingly weaker to seasonal flus etc. Of course it is a combination of stress, pollution etc but I never take seasonal flu jabs but I also seldom fall clinically sick but I do feel the mild symptoms of muscle aches, mild fever, quick recovering nasal congestion/runny nose. The affluent world has been over dependent on vaccines that the innate immune response has indeed been visibly seen suppressed.

    Geert's important message: "Use the correct vaccine at the correct place, at the right time, not in the heat of a pandemic"

    Please reconsider his message. 🙏

  13. Dearest Dr. Mobeen, please learn "the March 12th lesson". The behavior of this guy screams "troll". They get attention with ideas that, when analyzed, fall apart, and then, and here's the kicker: they don't bother to address each points needing clarity. If they don't address the specifics, they're a troll.

  14. Your shows give a great insight into medical issues to all levels. I do however feel you should ask the real experts re the possible dangers of the totally new MRNA vaccines and give Geert Vanden Bossche a fair response after all he has a huge knowledge that deserves respect.

  15. South Africa had a huge amount of people using ivermectin for veterinary use for prophylaxis and treatment with great effect. Might have played a role in the steep decline in numbers??

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