QUIT Smoking WEED: 3 Things You Must Do (IMMEDIATELY)

Should You Quit Weed Cold Turkey Or Cut Down Gradually? Find out the necessary steps to quit your marijuana addiction. To quit smoking weed, you may have …


  1. https://truthofaddictionowo.gr8.com It is not enough to just AVOID weed/marijuana for a

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    A change needs to happen in the way that you think and feel, as well as deconstructing associations you have created around weed. and how you see it fit in your life, otherwise you can expect years of relapsing.

    I’m grateful that you took the time to watch this video. You may be unsure as to whether Weed is truly an addiction so this video will definitely clear any confusions you may have.

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    Is MARIJUANA Addiction SERIOUS Or REAL? (Why I QUIT Marijuana And The WEED Withdrawal Symptoms) https://youtu.be/V_lYs1e0V2I

    Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms And Cravings After Quitting Weed And THC Edibles (The HIDDEN Truth) https://youtu.be/dae39WAoOq8

  2. Starting today day 1 threw away all my weed supplies and anything that has to do with it ive been smoking for 10 years and im ready for a new life without weed, pray for me🙏🏾

  3. Honestly, you don't need to ditch your friends. If you hang out with them and they tell you if you want some just say no. Although for some people is hard because they can't control it. Also, it really depends on the friends that you have. I have friends that half-smoke and the other half don't and we are a group. 5 people smoke and the other 6 don't. Either way, my smoking friends didn't even pressure me to do it, they rather told me to chill on it. It really is something special that you have friends that care for you.

  4. Its best to start working out if your workout for long periods of time during the first month of quiting it will create hunger and exhaustion so your body will beg for food and rest. Quiting weed is not as hard

  5. Hi my name is romario goagoseb from arandis Namibia please i really one to stop drinking and smoking weed but I can't please really i need help i one to stop drinking and smoking weed but I can't please really i need help i am just a 27years old boy her phone number lets make friends 0813435836 Namibia

  6. Brother, I needed this. I escaped poverty, managed to make it to college, and now I am falling victim to the very thing that stole my parents. I am going to do this. I am going to do this. My first 24 hours in 2 years tonight at 9 PM.

  7. Here in the UK where its still illegal we smoke spliffs. (Weed+tobacco) It still costs me maybe £80 a week ($100) plus im killing my health. I'm 2 weeks clean its been very very tough as i'm also quitting nicotine simotaniously. I really hope i keep this up.

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