Putting the "myths" of bud washing to rest, dry Cannabis in a few days, + regular garden updates!

In this week’s episode I use a little ol’ good fashioned observation to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that bud washing does not do anything harmful to your …


  1. I love that fabric bed in your 3×3, I may have to look in to that. Do you have anytging underneath it like a 3×3 flood table to prevent accidental run off? I was going to run DNA Genetics(Sorbet#4 & Stacked Kush) in some 10gallon pots in my 3×3 but the fabric bed just looks way better!

  2. Bud washing humm i been growing 20 yaers on and off and never bud washed besides foliar feeding, microbes on the buds play a role in the curing process this is what i always thought, so i never tryed bud washing which would wash off these microbes and interfer in the natural curing process that occurs. Am i wrong?

  3. I hope you dial in your bluemats, i love my hand watering and i see alot of automated gardens going and alota problems. Like everything else in this world were getting to dependent on somthing doing the work for us..Next there is going to be robots on the gardening market to do everything..Bad juejue

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