Put Your Weed in It – SNL

At the Out of Africa store, a hippie employee (Rob Schneider) explains to customers that items for sale are meant to be used to hide marijuana. The hippie loses …


  1. I watched this in 1993. Ever since, whenever I see a fair trade knickknack or a decorative box with no discernible purpose, I hear Rob Schneider’s voice saying, “You put your weed in there!”

  2. In NYC, as long as the amount of weed was below a certain limit, an arrest almost always resulted in what even the cops called a "pot ACD". A technicality that was effectively a dismissal.

  3. Which came first, this skit, or that movie where the girl gets turned into a guy. Anna Farris is in it, and it has a scene just like this, only with Adam Sandler as the weed guy.. THE HOT CHICK. That's the movie

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