Many physicians refrain from approving Cannabis use by patients because they learned nothing about Cannabis in medical school and cannot knowledgeably …


  1. I have been taking HEMPD Ejuice CBD for three weeks. It has helped my body to be rid of arthritis, joint pains, knee pains, headaches, tingling in my fingers. I suffered for years. I'm sixty seven. Thanks to CBD. Has no THC. It's pure. The soil makes a big difference. Besure it's clean soil. Don't want pesticides chemicals in your CBD. If your in pain? Take CBD. Today many people have all kinds of diseases, pains, coughing, cancer, due to junk chemicals in the foods. Plus that damn chemtrails. Here in Hawaii last wesnday we had a very large thick chemtrail. I hate it. But what can be done?it's hurting the people and vegitation. Thank God for CBD, it helps get our immune system in balance😎

  2. BOTH CBD and THC CURE cancer. That is a fact. CBD is non psychoactive and the less of potent of the two .. THC is the more potent and has a psychoactive reaction which is the high feeling you get. They need to leave big Pharm out of it, period!!

    They need to legalize it so that EVERYONE can grow it and or freely purchase it if they want. It's a natural non-toxic herb. Even steeping Cannabis leaf like a tea can even heal and alleviate pain other ailments. This Schedule 1 drug, Reefer Madness idiocy, stoner, lazy hippy propaganda and lies is the iron grip they want to lord over us.. using fear and our own ignorance to continue to sell the lies and brainwash us.. keeping us sick and dying!!… Big Pharm and Doctor's will all be out of a job if individual growth is and or purchase is legalized and available.

  3. As a UCSF/Stanford trained MD and postdoctoral research and clinical fellow I strongly recommend the use of CBD derived from organic agricultural grade hemp where it is naturally occuring. The hemp plant is cannabis sativa with less than 0.3% THC and in 2014 the Farm Act – A Federal Hemp Law was enacted that grants CBD from hemp oil to be legal in all 50 states. Charlotte's Web is a signature product with high patient reviews that has been analyzed for CBD content and is a whole plant extract offering the beneficial entourage effect of up to 500 compounds known to be present in cannabis sativa flower and hemp offering potential therapeutic benefits. Hemp oil can be very bitter, thick, black and oily and in high doses can be very sedating. I encourage patients to select hemp oils that are pleasantly flavored like Charlotte's Web mint chocolate and not overpriced!

  4. All that public money that was swindled out of the people of this world should be returned to the world's healthcare program's for the future use to from this day forward help those that was poisoned by them chemically in the drugs called medication.

  5. Dr. Abrams is a medical and scientific pioneer. He has likely saved many lives throughout his decades of practice as a physician and clinician. He is also a great human being, -very cool, calm, collected, clear, concise, professional, and down to earth.

  6. great comment, im having a huge issue my step-mom is havin cemo and im trying to get legit proof why CBD is beter. can maby some one tell me where i can get a video/info source about chemo vs CBD ( and please one that doesnt look like a fuking illuminatie video)

  7. The problem is that Big Pharma and the Cancer industry whom I like to refer to as "Cancer Inc." does NOT want a cure–and their cure rate of about 2% shows that. Big Pharma can't let cancer be cured—they make SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR on cancer treatments and drugs that would vanish in a puff of smoke if they let a cure happen. Since our UTTERLY CORRUPT government gave Big Pharma control of the FDA as a thank you for their bribes, the effective alternative treatments remain unapproved and people keep dying. Doctors are the handmaidens of big Pharma and I don't trust them, never have. Here's an analogy I use to demonstrate why cancer will never be cured if Big Pharma can help it:
    Say I am a professional dragon-slayer (Big Pharma) and I go to kill the only dragon (cancer) in the kingdom. It's a lose-lose for both of us. If I kill the dragon, I'm unemployed if the dragon kills me I'm dead. However if I start a foundation to study HOW TO KILL DRAGONS (American Cancer Society) and sell supplies (chemo, radi, surgery) to fight dragons; I can take in millions in donations and sales of supplies every year. Why on EARTH would I want that dragon (cancer) gone? It's killing the goose that keeps laying 60 BILLION DOLLARS worth of golden eggs every single year. I am also NOT going to let another dragon-slayer (RSO oil) sell a product that will kill this dragon either and I will bribe the corrupt, greedy King (US Government) to keep it off the market which the King is delighted to do.
    This chemo will damage my heart, brain, liver, kidneys. It will cause irreparable painful neuropathy in my hands and feet and legs for the rest of my life. It could damage my kidneys to the point of being dialyzed every 3 days for the rest of my life. FOR A FEW ATYPICAL CELLS that aren't even malignant? Are you fucking kidding me??

  8. Canadians please visit  A company founded by a Crohn's patient and a
    pain management doctor to help people get education about and access to medical cannabis.   GreenRoot "pathway to health"

  9. I suffer from depression, fogy brain, memory loss, nervousness, anxiety, insonia and take medication for bipolar disorder and depression. Can anyone please recommend a good Doctor or tell me how to find one that can guide me on how to start using cbd?

  10. what is a good percentage of CBD to use? curerently i use anywhere from 34-56%… i heard that Charlottes webb for seizures is apprx 65% … i dont like thc as it makes me uneasy and restless and too much mental gymnastics…

  11. Great video!! A High CBD Strain cannabis tincture has changed my life for the better. After using the tincture I realized I no longer woke up with the thoughts of anxiety. I lived with panic attacks for over 25 years. My life is great! It's still odd and maybe unnerving that the anxiety no longer has a tight grip on my life. I wish all people could find and feel the relief that I have had and continue to have. So, I hope for future legalization of cannabis products and further medical studies of this amazing plant and its health benefits.

  12. There is a synergy that can only be found from:

    1) Ingesting Cannabis with THCA intact
    2) Ingesting Cannbis with THC
    3) Vaporize THC
    4) Hemp seed
    5 Hemp Seed Oil
    6 Hemp protein

    The hygienic cleansing of of the hemp foods cleansing the body acts synergistically along with transient cannabionoids to do things these guys can't even grasp yet. It will be 25-50 years for the efficacy at that pace. If you want to know?

    Find Out For Your 'Self'.

  13. Thank you very much Dr. Abrams. This was the most scientific research I have seen to date on cannabis. I know it's effectiveness for me and I hope for more people like you and me to educate and change the prohibition against cannabis is the United States. Sincerely, Debbie Bohne

  14. I'm very disappointed by this talk.
    There was not one mention of CBD in the entire video.
    Why was this even posted by Project CBD?
    I would understand if it was posted by Project THC, but it wasn't.

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