Podcast: Nutrition Facts Grab Bag 17

It’s a cornucopia of nutrition information today on the Nutrition Facts podcast with stories on fasting for rheumatoid arthritis, how to reverse heart failure with diet …


  1. Because the audio is so horrible here, I suggest turning on captions and running the replay speed up to a comfortable reading rate. Probably save time that way too. I hope they get the audio difficulties corrected soon.

  2. As a long-term sedentarian, I find I enjoy walking more with my poles than without. I like having the upper body/arm exercise. I use the poles as stabilizers with attachments the same as those on the ends of canes, which keeps me from being wobbly. Also you get the subtle smile "high five" from all the other senior pole walkers who love it too!

  3. Every adult and child should own a bicycle and ride it regularly.
    Bicycles are healthy exercise and fossil fuels free transportation.
    Cities need to do more to encourage people to ride bicycles to work, school or for fun by providing protected bike lanes. Ebikes are bringing many older adults back to cycling.

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