In this video, I do a germinating seeds experiment – planting seeds vs paper towel germination. If you enjoyed this video please click the thumbs up!


  1. I switched to soaking seeds and then planting directly into the medium from the paper towel method. Haven’t touched a taproot since (due to clumsiness with the tweezers). Honestly I find that it saves a step for me as I used to soak for 12-15 hours and then place into the paper towel. Less manhandling and less exposure to potential pathogens for the seedling in my case. Whatever it takes to get happy little green sprouts! Happy growing all!

  2. Thanks for the video , I havent had any luck growing but I'm not giving up. And I think I know what I have been doing wrong and that is over watering the seedling . I just had my last seed germinate overnight and has a 1/4 inch long root , so I'm going to plant it today . Thanks again for the video , I did start them in a wet paper towel and this is the only one that sprouted out of 4 .

  3. 😂 😂 😂
    I thought exactly the same (6:45 min), until a gardening pro (different gardening but still) asked me about the habitat the plant is coming from 😳🤔
    It doesn't matter which plant sort it is, all if them are not in swamps or in wett areas, and that's why the seeds should be used as the natural way would be! They also grow faster and are much healthier because they are fit from day one! No water shocks! No 24h in water, nothing, directly into the soil and a little bit of wet earth around (nothing crazy)!
    Himalay (dry and high up with a high uv), Mexico, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, Europe it doesn't matter where you look, all sorts (almost 100%)are in normal or dry areas to find, NO SWMAPS OR WATER PLANT!
    I was shocked too in the first week and I tried to read and research as much as I can, and yeah, IT NOT ONLY SOUNDS LOGICAL, IT MADE ME THINK ABOUT "MASS HYPNOSIS" WITH THIS 24H IN WATER, THEN WETT PAPER TOWL ETC, ITS INSANE IF YOU GO FROM A NATURAL AND LOGICAL POINT OF VIEW!
    Ask about any other plant, and there are no plants who need a completely different environment as seedlings, and then a totally different in grow phase!

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