1. They tried making as much money off our weed as possible and it’s just straying people towards street bud and ultimately; drug charges and criminal records for people trying to get through everyday life.

  2. Is there any way you kind people can cover the #PennsylvaniaMedicinalMarijuanaMoneyGrab sometime? The #PennsylvaniaMedicinalMarijuanaMoneyGrab it is the growing opinion and concern of Pennsylvania Medicinal Marijuana patients that there may be a coordinated effort amongst businesses involved in the Pennsylvania medicinal marijuana market to actively violate The Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 and maintain margins through market manipulation. This situation seems not to dissimilar to other patients experiences in most every other new market that opens related to this specific industry

    Also,dry leaf is not at all shown to be more beneficial to the body, totally misleading. Concentrates are the natural progression to more effective relief of symptoms that a patient may be experiencing……

  3. Philly is my city. If it comes to Jersey for recreational, ima just head over there and grab my bud. Might as well just make philly legalize it for recreation now, cus they losing money lol

  4. Someone needs to teach the growers at Cresco how to grow amazing flower with a high THC%.
    This is what happens when you have to be rich to be a grower in Pa.
    Who wants a $60. eighth with 17% THC?
    It's a damn shame it all boils down to money.

  5. Just legalize worldwide already (in heavy Yiddish accent), this whole this is a waste. All that production line proessing you see is knocking off 90% of the benifical resins and terpenes. GROWING YOUR OWN is the ONLY WAY to ensure its fresh, organic, and potent enough. This is BS, when its FULL LEGAL, then it will be like beer or wine, you can make that in your own home, you'll be able to grow Pot as well. I hope they develop entire towns for adult pot users only, no kids anywhere, YAY!

  6. Pa could reap the rewards from the taxes earned from the Legalization of recreational Pot.A new industry and thousands of jobs will be created from the farming distribution and sales.Pennsylvanians need more jobs.I think the state sould legalize now.

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