Outstanding "No Holds Barred" Interview With Cannabis Oil Expert Rick Simpson…

Wow! Rick definitely doesn’t hold back one bit in this stunning interview. Everything from the latest developments on the legalization front to why he’s been in …


  1. Thanks again Rick Simpson — Amygdalin / Laetrile – "Since the early 1950s, both amygdalin and a modified form named laetrile have been promoted as alternative cancer treatments, often using the misnomer vitamin B17. Amygdalin (from Ancient Greek: ἀμυγδαλή amygdálē "almond") is a naturally occurring chemical compound used as a supplementary cancer cure. It is found in many plants, but most notably in the seeds (kernels) of Almonds , apricot, bitter almonds, apple, peach, and plum.
    For severe burns St John's Wort infused in olive oil has healed burns and cuts for centuries and now science has proof in the literature and evidence to back it !!

  2. You're right, Rick.  I'm sure lawmakers and corporate heads who have cancer are using CBD AND THC oils to help cure their (or family members') cancer. The answer is in nature. God provides.

  3. This man is a credit to us all. Although some people don't understand. Ive used cannabis myself for medicinal purposes. I started with cbd oil, but after researching, I now aquire my own cannabis leaves, buds, stalks, flowers etc, I make my own oil which will have thc in it. Heated cannabis brings out the thc, I believe, as Rick Simpson states, thc is the part we need, more than cbd. I've seen cbd oil selling for silly prices, I buy my cannabis and make a much more effective oil myself, more of and cheaper. Well done Rick, well spoken, just wish the dumbos out there would listen!

  4. Why treat the symptoms with CBD, when you can heal the ailment with pure THC? Don't make any sense to me, that people don't see the cure is in those trees… not just symptoms to be relieved,,, health & wellness can be achieved… It's a miracle beyond belief…Now you know just where to find relief…..avoid the grief, a lot of you know more than me……So, stand up. Your'e the key

  5. Rick Simpson should be nominated for the Nobel prize as a real scientist who has treated thousand of people and discovered the exact formulation of cannabis oil for cancer treatment! God bless this Citizen #1 of Planet Earth!

  6. I have terminal non surgical cancer and they give me a year or less without Chemo. I will never do Chemo.

    I have a friend who learned the process with a still and he offers it free. He learned from Rick Simpson. He uses Everclear because Naptha in the USA is bad for this use.

  7. Come to Australia please Rick. The Cancer rate is high here. U would be very valuable to people who are open minded in another method of treatment other than what we are chanelled into believing is the only way! Please come visit our country and help educate our people as well. I have lost multiple family members including my young mother to Cancer and all underwent surgery, Chemo and Ray. I have no faith in these systems. I have to ask myself is it the actual Cancer in the end that brings our loved ones and many others to their death OR these horrendous methods they are using. One has to ask….

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