Nutrient Uptake, Flushing, and Cannabis Defoliation Tutorial || Growing Cannabis S6 Week 5 Day 34

Welcome back to Cannabinology where we grow cannabis, study cannabis, and share scientific knowledge about cannabis. Today we’re discussing phenotype …


  1. I got one. Had luck before. But the last two times I make a wormcast tea that ruin the PH in the soil , eventhought, I PH the water before hand.

    Also I like to pre PH sevreal gallon just to have ready. Can you talk about PH drifting over time..

    I think PH issues is 90% of the troubles when growing. Really want to get this nailed down.

  2. If you ever have been curious of making a seed to harvest video, I think you should. You can still do these videos, but it would be cool to see your entire grow. Especially for those that have purchased your seeds and what to grow them out like you. You have an interesting style and it is on point! Anyway, just my ideas. Cheers.

  3. Just stating sometimes if you check run off and just get a shot glass or two full that’s not the best practice the reason I say that is because salts build up at the bottom of your pot and you will test very high due to that even tho your plants look fine so I recommend too have a good liter or two and don’t test the first bunch of water it will be contaminated with old salt build up !peace growmie !!

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